Dash G Omake: Life Action OMAKE! OF! DOOM!


"Oh hey! That is the Littlest Hobo--that large Garchomp that we saw around the town. Remember how he helped out that town just a few counties over?" Billy shouted excitedly.

Aeris, a little less than certain, "I dunno--the adults were never too specific with how Littlest Hobo the Garchomp helped out."

"Nonsense lets run out and see what he wants!" Billy exclaimed before running out--followed by loud chomping noises and blood splattering on a Window nearby Aeris.

"Hmm--suddenly, I think the Littlest Hobo has also helped out our village as well."


"Just two kids trying as they should, growing up in the neighbourhood,

"Oh, they are up the time stream, and around the paradoxes 

"They are the Spectrum Twins 

"Every day is a different time line, life gives these two plenty of lime brine

"Always getting trouble with the life they are in, such is the Spectrum Twins


Now if you use your head you will always win, You know the Spectrum Twins 

No two days are quite the same, life is a learning game

And if you use your head you will always win, just like the Spectrum Twins!"


"Hey I was watching that," cries out Krystal as Roy steals the remote once again.

"Sorry--the temporal mechanics they go through in every episode makes me think of science class."

"Well then, here we go!" Krystal says as she steals the remote.


Krystal is dressed up like the Batman villain Harley Quinn, in a spinning throne done up like the Queen of Hearts. The background is a white board that is full of physics equations trying to explain the physics of Teddy Ruxpin's air ship. How much air is required in the balloon, and various mechanics on how to steer it.

"Now, this is the story, all about how,


"My life got flipped turned upside down.

"Not let me take a minute, sit down hun,

"About how I became the madwoman trainer of Cyren.


"In Eastern Kanto, born and raise.

"In a laboratory is where I spent most of my days.

"Experiment and testing, destroying Newtonian physic all when.

"Then Jirachi-Nine, came down from Heavan.

"Just one temporal explosion, and Daebi got scared.

"She said you're going to start an adventure with friends in Cyren.


"I formed a plan, scheming how I'd take this best at hand,

"Generally trying to where in this situation I stand.

"Kanto's and some of Johto's power grid in a mess,

"The true importance of my mad science I could only guess.


"Cruise ship to Cyren ain't bad,

"Caught a Cockney speaking Newfie Welsh Staryu.

"If this is how the journey would go,

"Well, there is plenty of adventure that be alright.


"I floated to Terrut, and got on with my world on,

"People talking about shorts, and cute pokemon.

"If anything I could say, 'not these trainers again.'

"Instead I floating saying, 'onto Cyren!'


"I joined up with Roy and Fujitsu and gave the tone,

"'I reject your reality and substitute my own!'

"Look at the generally chaos and I knew right then,

"I am now the madwoman trainer of Cyren."


"What?! I LIKED that show?"

Fujitsu having fumbled the control from Roy looks at him, "I do not think our viewers appreciated being Bel-aired. Now, lets watch some of My Secret Identity."

The End

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