Dash G Omake: Girly Shows.

"We are the friends of the friends of the forest--play all day in the sun. We love the forest, there is room for everyone!"

Sparks runs up next to Duke, "oh, hey--how is your tree coming along."

"Well, between Nappa the Ghastly and Vegita the Nuzleaf--I am having issues getting anything done up." Duke said, moving around wood and branches to repair his door.

"Those meanies. Has Waffles done anything to help you?"

A shout came a few trees away, "can't! Making toast!"

Sparks looks around, "what about Picasso?"

"Toast is done! Buttering toast. Now hold still Picasso--buttering the toast won't hurt me a bit."

Sparks and Duke both cringe as Picasso's screams fill the air. Duke starts up, "I got help from Kane. She has been very helpful in rebuilding my home."

Kane pops out of the ground, looks around "oh, hi guys. We also got help from Collaborator."

An Epsion comes out from behind the tree looks around, "that strange Politoad had disappeared, right--"

All four of them go into a hypnotic trance, "the Politoad that we must all praise and hail as our leader. All hail Hypno The Politoad. Bring him greatness."


"Hello! Hello Pichu! Come play with us today! Hello Hello Pichu!"

Pichu comes walking up onto the screen in a dress with a small bowtie skipping along carrying a cake, "yay! I got invited to my friend's birth day party! I hope Hello Styx likes this cake I brought."

Pichu knocks on an very cutesy house, Styx the Starmie answers--speaking in that odd, but cutesy gibberish mixture of Welsh, Newfie and Cockney slang. Pichu looks over, "oh, hey, Hello Cradilly is here too."

The Cradilly--also wearing a cute party dress, "I lay dead in Ryley dreaming for several millenia for this?"


Krystal looks at the current show, "oh hey! It is Jem Stone! He--she--it is sooo outragous!", and giggles.

The End

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