Dash G Omake: Chekhov Colony

"Hey pizzanos! It is the Team Temporal Temporary Time Show!"

Private Dwayne Spectrum comes onto the screen in full carpenter gear, "This is Team Temporal--and Paradox is our game, we are the ones who get all the blame! Give it a moment and you will be hooked on the--"


Krystal was holding the remote, "I can see that any time... oh! Here we go! It is starting!"


Private Roy was showing up in the warehouse. In his school uniform. Decades ago, they had decided to just say screw it to different uniforms, and everybody wore school uniforms. Except for scientists and nurses.

He was to pull a large shipment of Gundamian Alloy to Chekhov's colony. Gundamian Alloy having some wild and weird properties, that when applied to Mobile Suits, made them the greatest fighting force out there. Much like how changing from bronze to iron to steel affected weapon effectiveness, changing the metal of an entire Mobile Suit was naturally the best way to increase their functionality. "Oh, hi Private--good to see you."

A floating red headed woman in full scientist gear appears, holding a clip board. Roy turns and asks, "Doctor Spectrum--I have never met any body more married to their job."

"Well--maybe after this little uprising in the colonies ends, I can settle down. A colony allied with the Earth forces is doing studies to help our development of even larger war vehicles. My counter part there is experimenting on a power sword to deflect gun fire. As you are familiar, the arms race in the last war, indicated that swords are next stage up from plasma blasters."

Roy turns, yeah--that war had been hard. Nobody really suspected that he had any role in it. He just wanted to return to normal life. End the fighting--the little uprising in the colonies may turn into a war--but Roy hoped not. Why couldn't people learn to live in peace?

Dr. Spectrum continued, "also--under no circumstances are you to open up the cargo I am giving you, enter into the mobile suit present, and defend yourself, when you will inevitably be attacked by the raiders."

Roy looked over... kind of confused, "uh--those are awfully specific instructions, Doctor."

"Nonsense--it is just a standard precaution for getting attacked during a raid, while having a cargo of an untested prototype that pulls from the users psionic abilities and ups the damage it is capable of doing."

"Again--being too specific... there is no way that this is stuff I need to know. Usually I do not learn this stuff until several years after I get sucked into these sorts of things."

"Well, we are currently only in an Omake parody--that... crap! Broke the fourth wall."


"Jezibelle, you do realise that the prototype Gundam Unit will arrive on course soon, right?"

Lady Kiss was wearing her mask well. It was a metal mask that really served no purpose. But it looked cool to wear. It also may break off in the vague future. She hoped it really did not. It was a nice mask--and made her look much more bad ass. She might lose badass points, should it break, and either die, or just be another irregular.

Jezibelle, in fully functional robot state was standing there. She looked mostly human. Though, she had robot parts bare at her shoulders and upper thighs. Also, she was sporting output screens on earrings from either ear. Both Jezibelle and Lady Kiss were wearing school girl uniforms--as part of the future defacto military standard.

Jezibelle pipes up, "yes--it is on the radar nearby."

"Good--we hijack that cargo ship, and then we put you as a pilot."

"But it is a psionics based prototype--I am merely a robot. I am incompatible with it."

"hohohohohohohoho! With my scientific genius, I have upgraded your robot design to make use of psionics, via biological augment of one of the Earth Allied Colonies Royal Families. Once you activate the suit--it will send a signal straight to the Earth Allied that a colony has broken off from them."

"If I may be so bold, milady, but seeing as how I somehow do not know all this--even though these are intrinsic character traits that should not require exposition... which Royal Family?"

"The one on Chekhov's Colony."


Roy removed the remote from Krystal's hands, "the dubbing on that was horrible. They also completely reworked it. But this is typical for its licenser. I do not know why people keep letting them license their shows."

The End

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