Dragons: Universe: Letter to Thyatira

"Stoenn? How are your calculations coming along?"

"Well--this is weaker than my sister's encyption... though the design is not completely unalike."

"You, have you found anything via interfacing with Network?"

The person in rather plain business suit garb typing away--ear buds playing something that was a mix of ambient trance music and subliminal messages design to increase his brain speed, looks up, "no, found some rather interesting 'compromising' pictures of the Theif class and Red Mage. Something here called the Stance of Spread Spear--oh! here we go. Various other Nodes of Network have fashioned together a make shift exit function."

Stoenn looks over, "run it through the VM, first. My sister is in there--"

Stoenn covers up, a member of the Daemon Army had floated by, "yeah--upon 6501's screw up, there are a lot of people in there that should not be in there. The Daemon Army is trying to make certain our fixes on the targeting array do not pull more in. I have been put here by Lady Void's Supervision's orders."

The Daemon Army member takes a console in this lab.


Dark Empress Lady Kiss Void wants to fight!? Choose your attacks! "Not again Ego! It is something called an inner monologue!"The wonderful theif dressed like a harlot, and in voiced versions of the game probably sounds like an aged hoo--

"Dammit! Not all thieves are based on that anthropomorphic Crobat!", the thief complained in voiceless text.

The muscle man, Max, looks over, "uh--if you are going to get distracted, Constance--you can sit out."

Krystal used Blizzard! It misses Dark Empress Lady Kiss Void. Does 1 damage to glass encased gimp! "GAH! Leave her alone! And you! Never call my pet a gimp again!"

Lady Kiss Void counters--dealing 300 damage to Krystal. Lady Kiss Glares at Roy! Roy is paralyzed! He may not move!

Fujirai does Hyper Beam! HAADOOKEN! Direct hit to Lady Kiss Void. "Ego--stop narrating!"

Fujirai loses a turn after the Hyper Beam recharge for insulting me.

Lady Kiss Void calls for help. She does Double Team. There are multiple images of her!

Polaris did sketch--Polaris knows Double Team. Polaris yells out, "wait! Here! Each of these images can move seperately! There is a limit to how many Lady Kiss Void can create, and the images die after 1HP of damage!"

Lady Kiss Void 2 does Toxic on Polaris, "you cut that out!"

Lady Kiss Void 1 does Double Team.

Roy tried to summon Waffles! Roy is paralyzed and cannot move! Constance did theif on Lady Kiss Void! Constance got Barrier Sword. Wehc did Agility on Vermil. Lady Kiss Void 3 does Snatch stealing Vermil's stat boost, "also, you obscenity of the Daemon Army! I would prefer that you keep you hands off my equipment! No mind! The Barrier Sword is not needed for me to kill you all. CONFUSE RAY!"

Lady Kiss Void 1 from the other side hits Fuschia with Confuse Ray!

Fuschia is attempting to use Attract on Lady Kiss Void. She hurt herself in her confusion.

Painting moves her lips, "Daemon Army is sending supplies. Lady Kiss Void will get new items in 5."

Sepia does Double Edge on Lady Kiss Void. Does not take recoil due to rock head! "Ego! You saw him whince! Don't make stuff up!"

I just call them as I see them!

The End

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