Dragons: Universe: Ragnorak

Okay, Lady Kiss thought, I can blink out easier here. As it really has no requirements to track several people's minds.

Wait? What did that--why are there two Krystals here?!


Lady Kiss burst out of hiding into an enraged animation. She had pulled Focus Energy and Calm Mind--both at a pace soon enough together that it kind of busted the code patch. Kind of marveling at the particle effect her busting of her own code block caused. There was some tearing as she appeared. Dr. Pewter may not be happy at the damage that caused. She did not even need to turn behind her to see the black rips in the area she caused. She just did to her right--to make certain Jezibelle's body was not harmed.

Why was she torturing herself over her tool. Her mole in Richtog Vale. She should not get attached so easily. However--her future was over. It ended with... the tool. Maybe she was more like her original; than she gave credit for. A very sloppy work man--blaming all her problems with life, because her... her.. Jezibelle broke.

She looks forward, "look, a very important... tool... broke on me. Like any decent person, I am making certain the broken tool gets the best honour I can give. Not just throwing it aside."

Team Temporal looks around confused. The emotionally repressed kid in the black mage class looked at her funnily. The.. the summoner kind of emitted feelings--not unlike, Jezibelle. Lady Kiss shook her head. She looks over at the Dark Knight, and laughs, "so! You are the one who will destroy the world?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laughable! You cannot destroy the world--", Lady Kiss did every thing she could to force herself not to look over at Jezibelle, "--it is already over! I mean--it will take some of the greatest wish granting ability to bring back the world. And you are denying the world that!"

She looks over at the large muscle man and sneers, "you! Put some pants on!"

Over then to the Green Mage, "heh, this should be amusing. What are you going to do, Dance up a Storm? Ooh! Scary!"

Then that sickly Yellow Mage. To which she just spits at. Does not even say anything. She then floats over to Sepia, with one hand on her hip, looks him in the eyes. Her head tilting away, as if to say something, then her hand comes right across his face, looking him full in the eyes, "if! If you could have just behaved--and not pulled stupid temporal crap! The world would still here. You have no excuse for what you did."

Sepia starts up, "well, at least--"

"--DISABLE!" Lady Void yells, effectively shutting up Sepia.

She barely glances at the Blue Mage--he was merely a side character that had lost any relevance to the action. But kept moving on with the rest of them. He was not lucky enough to be amongst the first to die. Oh no--he would be the last. No--the lucky one would probably be the White Mage. It would be fun killing him--and absorbing his abilities and power. She just smiles a devilish knowing smile at the White Mage, puts her fingers to her head in a gun form, makes a shooting motion--with hr head falling to the side. Then pointing those same fingers at the White Mage, making another firing motion.

She then floats over to the Thief and the Red Mage, pulling out her Daemon Army Identifier. Swipes it onto the Red Mage's arm, looks at it confused, "you are not my base. You are...", no it could not be. The id she had was discontinued. It was the one that ran off into the elements. She was dead--even if she was not--this was not how hyper aging worked on the Daemon Army. They needed to be in the tubes.

She the then looks up, "so, a rebel Daemon Army member. I do not like rebels. Perverting your id code. I bet you think you are funny--well, if I know my lesser base, she likely will try to use this as some sort of ruse. There is a chance that this Thief is not her either." She swipes again... her eyes widen, and looks up, smacking the Thief rather hard upside the face, "hrmmpt! No wonder I am stuck in here. Dissidence in my ranks, Well, at least I know the Id numbers that the rebels go by."

The painting talks to her, "well, we have had reports of some unrest--but generally we all like you, Lady Void."

Lady Kiss does not even look at it, "well then, once I am out--I will personally kill any of the Daemon Army that does follow my orders."

Lady Kiss' eyes stared all across the members of Team Temporal that gathered. Like calves to the slaughter. Oh, the veal will be tasty for this, "that is right. The Daemon Army and many of Rocket Logistic's R&D department are here. Getting me out. In fact any signal not suppose to be in here will be removed."

Lady Kiss pulls out to Will-o-wisps onto her hands burning in the air, "Though, only I will be alive!"

Lady Kiss just laughs as the battle screen went up.

The End

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