Dragons: Universe: The Wall Hack

Krystal floated down the hallway as quick as she could, that was some scary stuff. Perhaps she was saved by her Genre Savvy ability to know that a group of people in Gold Armour, with names like Biggs, Wedge and "Mother", acting as an honourable guard. was going to be brutally slaughtered.

The air vents of the location brought the screams especially close. It was everything that Krystal could do to not think about if there were some half dead soldiers pulled into the vents, screaming as they were drug along.

She eventually stops in front of the door in front of them. She pushes it open. To reveal a hallway of pictures. These were some rather regal figures and people. There was a save point in the middle of the hallway. She slaps her hands together, "I think we have a boss battle coming up."

Sepia wanders over, "shall we set up camp here?"

Roy, Fujirai and Constance collapse. Krystal had forgotten about her doppelganger's child. Constance gasp out a, "yes!"

Hari collapses as well, "I ran out of PP too many battles ago."

Wehc snickers, "Right--I am going to guess it is because Fuschia appears to be using Pressure on us."

Fuschia just tilts her head down, grimacing.

Max pulls out some ale and sits down for the camp fire animation. "That was a good day."

Clearly unable to hold the joke in any longer--especially with Ego pestering her, Constance asks, "now then Max, what are the best things in life."

Just tossing his head back and laughs and says in the worst accent imaginable, "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of the women--you know, I have been waiting for an excuse to use that quote too. Now we can move on."


Lady Kiss was watching through the wall of the camp animation scene. She yells to the Daemon Army, "make me invisible, I do not want them to know I am not here."

The picture on the wall just responds, "right--still finding out a spot in th code that does that."

A low audible growl comes from Lady Kiss, "change the section of code that blits my character to the screen to a series of 'ADD 1'."

Lady Kiss looked at her hands and saw that yes, the Noop was successful. "Right--as usually we made a backup of the code we edited. It seems we just needed to noop a second that posts an address to your blit information before jumping to the blit routine."

Lady Kiss "looks" up and shouts, "you did remember to Noop the jump instruction itself? We really do not want to guess what it would try to blit without my information given."

"Ha, what kind of amature do you think I am?"

"The kind that deletes a command, rather than the log file entry for the use of that command." 


Krystal wakes up--the camp animation over. She was fully healed and got a good nights rest in what was only a few minutes. Possibly using the same technology that heals Pokemon in the Centres.

Sepia steps in, and pushes the doors apart, saying, "now then, our boss fight."

All the others rush in--to see... a mausoleum? Krystal floats around, and turns to Roy, "hey! No fair! I DO NOT HAVE A BIG ROOM O' CRAZY! When we get out, grab me some newspapers. I am gonna clip random articles--I have never been more jealous in my life!"

Fujirai just groans, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Constance looks around, "uh--guys... there is something that you may want to know... something that I kind of just remember."

Wehc looking over asks, "what is it?"

"I just remembered how I died--and... it is going to happen soon."

The End

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