Dragons: Universe: Totodiles could only be worse if facehuggers were somehow involved

"Hold it right there--we shall help you storm the castle" cried out a voice from behind.

Everybody turned and there were a fair amount of Gold Shirted Machokes lined up behind them, "hi, I am Biggs, this is Wedge, Harry Kim and a girl we simply call 'Mother' as an endearing nick name."

Krystal looks around and steps back, motioning others away. "What is wrong?" Fujirai asks.

Constance just drops her jaw, "so... much... blood..."

Roy looks over, "you just look like you saw a ghost."

Sepia, running up to a series of tunnels to enter the Primarch Seat waves ahead, "any help we can get."

Krystal shouts, "well, if we find some we will let you know!"


Lady Kiss Void was floating over the throne she had set up. Jezibelle was encased n glass behind her. It was a nice touch. Lady Kiss Void shouts out, "how long am I stuck in here?!"

A note falls from the sky which read, "our files for hiding our tracks targeted a system file."

Lady Kiss puts her fists on her hips as she floats around looking at paintings, "how did that work? Why would our log monkeying cause that?"

A set of chalk appears on the wall in writing, "it appears that somehow, the line in the log file was linked to an exit file. A glitch in the coding had it remove the exit file, rather than the entry in the log for its use."

Lady Void face palms, and shouts up to the sky, "Fix it!"

The dirt on the floor blow out into a pattern of the castle floor prints. Several groups of dirt were moving through the defenses. Lady Void spits, "that is Team Temporal isn't? You know, just once I would want some random other group of twits to appear in front of me. Just for a change of pace."

A picture starts to roll its head and speaks, "hey, I found a speaking glitch. The other Daemon Army have assembled in the three-S headquarters. The grab signal has been refined. There are also some repair men here to help. They say Leader sent them. One cute one keeps hiding his face from us though. He seems shy."

"Right, keep you mind on the problem at hand, and out of your skirt."

The painting pouts, "hrmmpf!"


Mother and the other Gold Shirt Guard were scouting around the tunnels. Soldier turns around, "did you hear that?"

Harry looks up, "the air vents! There are creatures running though them."

Wedge had removed a cover, "oh, hey--nothing to worry about. It is just a cute little Totodile."

Mother looked over as the Red Mage and Thief just started motioning everybody away from the Gold Shirt Guard.

"Its eyes are a nice shade of red. It has something dripping from its--AAAAAAHHHHH!"

Mother turned to see Wedge pulled into the air shaft with blood splattering out of it. Mother pulled out her gunblade. The Totodile swarm out of the vets and start swarming the Gold Guard. Not even caring to fully eat the Guard--just mutilate their bodies.

"Guards! Mother is here to protect you!" she yells as she runs and tries to take on the Totodile swarm.

She turns to see Mr. Kim trying to leap away from a swarm that coated him completely--pulling off chunks of him, until his body is not at all together. She turns--she is surrounded by the red splattered Totodiles. One leaps to her neck, sinking his teeth in. They felt kind of warm. That warm feeling of the Totodile's teeth trickled down her back and chest.

More stabby warm trickle feelings.

Then black.

The End

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