Dragons: Universe: Pocket of Knowledge

Krystal rummaged around in her pockets. Books--lots of them. They seemed to be character representations rather than in her inventory.

She went through her jacket library.

The Necronomicon--filled with a set of blasphemies and knowledge or realms man was not meant to comprehend. She would just not let Roy read it. Problem solved.

The Principia Discordia or How I Found the Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her. Apparently this was a bit of erotica for holy books. She could flip through it and it appeared to be very poorly constructed, typeset off to one side--or unaligned. Generally very poorly organised. Must have been something she found in a fire sale.

The Unabridged History of Time and Space, with Forward by Dominic Deegan. She put that one away right quick like. It had too many pictures in it. Usually to depict various things.

Next book was The Complete Analysis of the Functionality of the Time Cube. A two sided argument on the nature of time and presenting your arguments in a logical consistent manner.

Next were several Noam Chomsky books. Followed by some weird pamphlets signed by one Francis E. Dec Esquire. The Tao Te Ching, several Buddhist text, a book with a knight sitting in front of a computer with a dragon's head poking out of it, several DARPA books on security protocols, several AD&D source books--and... locked heart shaped lock, a camera, a compass and a map with constantly moving borders?

Krystal looked at the map some more. It seemed to reflect more political, emotional and psychological borders. Not of nations--but of the people around her.

Krystal puts the compass, camera and blank map away, and simple says, "apparently my character says I need to stop tampering with Technical Machines. Possibly never go near any breeds of Oddishs ever again. Though, I hear NOTSPAIN is nice in the spring."

Constance having read the reports of some of the Technical Machine tampering experiments in the 1960s, particularly the one for the TM of Hypnosis screams out, "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRROOOOOOOO!" and giggles.

Constance starts going through her pockets, and pulls out a key. She looks over to Krystal, walks over and puts the key in, and clicks the lock open. Both Krystal and Constance say, "I did not realise I swung that way."

Krystal backs off for a bit. Constance as well. That was--weird.

The End

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