Dragons: Universe: The Primarch's Seat.

"So, this is the Primarch's seat, huh?" Sepia stroked his chin a little, smiling. "Its very steampunk. That's what they call it, right? Steampunk? I dunno, its a very retrospective term. I'm not big on retrospectives. I like the now, whenever that is."
"Oh stop showing off," Fuschia said, before diving into his pocket. "Aha! Found them!" She brandished a packet of cigarettes and threw them into a nearby chasm. "Adios!"
Fuschia turned to Sepia, scowling. "Not even your digital version can kick the habit, huh?"
"Hey, I am, for all intents and purposes, me. Speaking of which..." It was Sepia's turn to pocket-dive, opting to pull out a small electronic device. "Everyone check your pockets. You are, in this world, a manifestation of yourself. More specifically, what you want to be. Apparently I  want nothing more than to smoke myself to death and..." He flicked the device with his finger. "Well, I'm not really sure. I think I want to find people, if I'm guessing right, but I'm not really sure."
"There's nothing in my pockets," Vermil said, laughing. "Guess I'm pretty boring."
"Oh no!" Fuschia said, genuinely concerned. "I'm boring too! Goddammit!"
"Ah, like it was meant to be, huh?" Sepia smiled and kept flicking his machine. Vermil did not respond. "Hey, You okay?"
Vermil turned to Sepia suddenly. "Sorry, there was something in the distance. I think. I'm not sure. Never mind."
"Riiight." Sepia shrugged. "Everyone on guard. We'll probably encounter magnemites, Steelix, that sort of thing. And, if the last area was any indication, Grumpigs, Feraligators and Buizels, because I'm not sure any of this is really making sense."

He laughed again and marched on ahead.


"Would you give your life for a stranger?"

"I dunno why I'd have to."


"It depends. I mean, sure. If I like someone. If there's blood..."


"Something I saw on TV once. Some character used 'blood' as a bad metaphor for feelings. Emotion. Passion."

"Would you say 'blood' is common with you?"

"We've all got blood... I think we spill too much though."

"Something of a mixed metaphor, isn't it?"

"I dunno, mister deity sir, you tell me."

The End

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