Dragons: Universe: World of Pokecraft

Ego appeared next to Roy wearing what appeared to be black plate mail armor with two glowing one-handed swords.

For some odd reason, his eyes had a bluish glow to them and his voice seemed to have a slight echo to it.

"Frost Death Knight reporting for duty."


"I can get in on the action, too, can't I?"

Roy simply stared at Ego for a moment, then remembered all of his Warcraft knowledge.

"...Ego, wrong game."

Ego examined the world around him as it rushed by. He had to admit, WoW did not have Wailords that stalked the plains of Azeroth.

"Well...guess I can get rid of my Death Knight outfit."

As soon as Ego disappeared, Id appeared in his stead wearing a robe with ornate shoulders and a crystal-ended staff. A succubus accompanied him, blowing a kiss to Roy upon stepping out of a portal of fel energy.

"...Ego said we were about to kill Sindragosa."

"No, Id."

"Dammit. I need the achievement."

After Id disappeared, succubus and all, another WoW image appeared to him. This one, not so friendly.

It greeted him with a low hiss to its voice. "Hiiiii...."

"Oh, my God...what is that?"


The image of the Lich King, which happened to have the tail of a Slowpoke, faded from Roy's mind, leaving his face deathly pale.

"Is there something wrong?" asked Constance, who clearly wasn't enjoying the amount of running she had to do.

"Ego and Id apparently thought they could bring WoW into this."

"Wait, what? You told them to not do something useful?" glared Constance.

"Well...I didn't know."


Ego reappeared, this time near Constance, but still in his Death Knight costume. "You rang?"

"Do something about this stupid scripted battle! You're using WoW's mechanics."

"Right-o. One Death and Decay coming right up."

"What and what-now?" muttered Roy before Ego summoned a large, orange magic circle in the midst of Pokemon. A blood-red mist filled the air, and to Ego, a constant stream of damage markers filled his eyesight.

"The DPS...it fills me...it is neat..."

All of the Pokemon had taken a large amount of damage before it disappeared, and now Ego was ready to finish them off.

"And, now, one Icy Touch. One Plague Strike. And...some Pestilence...and then we just let the Damage over Time do its thing."

And, with that, the threat was clear. Ego grinned madly, receiving only stares of contempt from the others.

"...We didn't get any experience..." Krystal sighed. "Sadface."

"Ha, I don't have to worry about it. I'm max-level!" Ego laughed, summoning a Mekgineer's Chopper and driving into the distance.

Roy and Constance chuckled nervously. "Well, at least we don't have to run anymore...right?"

"...Really...who needs that silly old EXP, anyway?"

The End

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