Dragons: Universe: Running with Gags

Leader was sitting in his desk. He was head of Rocket's Research and Development Department. He started fidgeting with his server. He pulls out a network monitoring program that Network had given to him one of the times he interfaced.

Well--monitor was not that correct. It mostly negated monitoring. Deleting log entries, and then removing the log entry of it deleting the log entry. Usually making it impossible to find anything anywhere of what he was doing here.

He could run it again. Most of the Daemon Army was with Kiss Void doing that Titan Co. posing thing.

Kind of twisted. Impersonating her own brother. However, as karma puts it, she was now stuck in The Pokemon Box program. Leader was wondering how long that transport trick was going to work anyways. Leader--shelled into the Pokemon Box to at least look at log activity, decided to quietly observe.

That was all he had rights too at this point. Spectator Mode. He could talk to other Spectators, but not to the player.


"Krystal Gains a Job Level! Krystal now knows Red magic level 4.", Krystal pondered to herself, "hmm--I wonder, should I class change?"

Roy perking his eye's up--while riding Duke around, "Why? And How? And What too?"

Krystal running after Roy and his epic mount, smack a few enemies with her sword, with moves like sSash and Fury Swipes, "good points, all three of them."

Roy found himself falling onto that--well--really toned ass as his summon returned. Still cycling through his summons, he called Spark--who electrocuted Roy, increasing his HP, and setting up his PP on his summons to slowly regenerate. Krystal quickly casts Ice Beam onto a few Luxio and Leafeon.

Flurry jumps out to help out, spraying some enemies with her ice shard.

Krystal just says, "plains Wailord."

"What?" said Constance, trying to keep up. Her stomach getting a bit in the way, jumping in front of a few enemies to do Covet, Theif, Switcheroo or Trick. Scratching a few things with her hip dagger. Knowing not to use what was he character's "marriage dagger".

"Why was a Wailord in the plains?"

Fujirai shooting a few enemies with Thunder, "yeah--that did strike me as odd."

"See--the Wailord's dietary needs cannot possibly be supported in that spot. The amount of vegetation or animal life just to keep up with that kind of metabolism could not possibly be available for that kind of life. I mean--the economic--"

Max smacks something with his broadsword--Double Edge, "It is just a game. The people probably were not looking at what box they were putting their Pokemon in."

Roy, still running, yells, "why are we running?"

Sepia coming down from a Bounce, clearly having some skills from the Dragoon class, runs beside the other three, "sorry--story based battle. We get enemies constantly appearing while we run."

A Thunder Wave comes into the screen hitting several enemies, "How long until we stop running"

"No idea Fuschia."

The End

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