Dragons: Universe: That certain feeling.

"Well, I dunno about you..." Sepia rushed forwards and grabbed the Wailord by the fin. "But I always liked Forever Fantasy. You should see number 20. Fantastic. I think you're probably viewing it like most people view that Dawnlight book series: through glasses of scorn and distaste. Metal Claw!"
Max smirked as Sepia suddenly materialised a metal sword, which proceeded to strike the Wailord for what could only be described as 'massive damage'.
"You must have hit its weak point," He said, laughing, before leaping upon a Rattata and performing a technique Sepia recognised as Seismic Toss.
"Hey, what about... augh!" Polaris shouted as a Rattata struck him with Hyper Fang. "Oh no you don't!" He returned the attack, and Krystal laughed.
"Oh goody! Blue Mages can use enemy abilities against them. You're probably the most interesting of us all." 

Meanwhile, Roy was grinning ear to ear. He had summoned Amoreaf, Sepia's strange gel-plant Towen-based Pokemon, to an unusual effect: it had evolved in the process. The new creature, Morphush, resembled a bush or hedge made of gelatine. An odd sight, but even stranger when it began charging around the battle field with Roy on its back. It easily dispatched the foes, most of whom were already reeling from the conflict.

"Well, that's that then." Sepia said, dusting off his hands. He turned to see a small Pichu walking towards them.
"Well done, everyone! That was fantastic!" It said, smiling. "But I wouldn't go any further up this path if I were you."
"Oh, come now." Sepia grinned and knelt down. "That's only going to make me want to go more." 
"Up this path is the Primarch's Seat. It has some really nasty Pokemon! I saw someone like you go up the path, but he never came back..."
"Someone like us, eh?" Sepia looked up the path. The primarch's seat appeared to be an ancient set of ruins, some sort of affectation put there by the designers to denote a fallen civilisation. "That sounds like our man." He stood and turned to the group. "So, any want a seat?"
There was a collective groan. 


"What drives you, mister Vermil? What makes you keep on moving when there's really no reason?"

"My friends."

"No, I don't mean the crummy PG-13, after school special reason. I mean the honest one. Why keep going all this way? Why not just go home? Live your life? Let Rocket forget about you?"

"I want to get Saffy back from you."

"You've known her for about three weeks all up. I would find a better explanation if I were you. Because I've seen you. You're like a novel, you are. Always drama. Even before all this. There was a reason why you were reluctant to let Cinnabar travel with you, and I know it. You've known all along about his lies. Frankly, I'm disappointed."

"Why's that?"

"Because you're not better than that. You could be, I suppose. But you're living up to your expectations fully, and that's not a very good thing, now is it?"

The End

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