Dragons: Universe: He's Somebody's Baby

George was sitting in his chair reading his magazine. His retirement was coming up soon. His pension was going to kick in--and well, may as well get that boat he has wanted. His no good son seemed to have made little to no use of the mechanics and ropes lessons he imparted onto him. George looked over to the news clipping on the table. His son, in chains, off to the Sootopolis penal colony.

The door bell rang. "Linda, I will get it!", he yelled. Linda was off in the garage--possibly working on something in there. George did not hear an explosion for a while--so he really was not certain.

He walked up to the door, and was greeted by two officials from Rocket Logistics, who flashed his id, "Admin Mercury, sir, I want to talk to you about your children, Roy and Constance MacKealan."

Linda had walked in from the Garage, wiping oil off of her hands--her face got wrinkled a bit more when she was stressed like this. Her hair was in a rather atrocious red dye she liked. George told her it looked nice--as well, Linda's happiness was the most important thing to him, "uh, what is it that you want to know about our kids?", she asked.

Admin Mercury motioned to the doorway, "may we come in?"

George nodded and motioned them in, "yes."

Linda started to head to the kitchen, "I will grab some tea. Khan brand for you George?"


Linda walked off to the kitchen, her hips swaying in that mechanics jumpsuit she still had from her last job doing mechanics work. She was now a secretary at Titan Co. Though, the recent hiring of the Daemon Army employees seemed to make her worry about her job security. Though she did note that Stoenn, since his returned, seemed to be exactly what she wanted him to be--even more. She noted some surreal elements about it.

George was mostly just thinking it was something Linda was putting too much in. She had issues with seeming to see things not there, communicating with things that George did not know about.

George, Admin Mercury and the Lieutenant walked into his living room. George offered them a seat. Mercury started up, "as you are aware your son and daughter, Roy and Constance appear to have gotten caught up with Team Temporal--"

"But Constance has been dead for over a decade--I just thought that was a misprint."

Admin Mercury, with a small computer device on his wrist taps it, "yeah--we found the coroners' reports on her. Our mole into Richtog Vale, Miss West, found out that Roy has odd psionic abilities going around him."

Linda had walked in with the Tea, and sat down next to George. Linda tilted her brow, "yeah, we had Roy tested--but he never seemed to be gauged as Psychic by any of the practitioners there."

"We were wondering, if you may sign over permission to view his psychological profiles. With information on any weird incidents he had as a child."

"Certainly. Though, I had similar incidents--"

George continues, "her side of the family is known for their strong imaginations."

"However, there was no reason to indicate that he would become a criminal like this."

Admin Mercury drinks from the bottle of tea, "there never is. Though, after the cards fall, then it easier to piece together how the game worked. It always is. Many people say they had things that they would do differently."

The Lieutenant pulls out some paper work, "now perhaps we can learn the answers."


Admin Mercury had gotten the paper work he would need. Next stop would be to talk to the Fujitsu kid's parents. There was a slight bug in the last paper work. The legal system and all. "Uh, Fred, how are the lacerations?"

"Please, refer to me as Admin, or Mercury."

Admin Mercury undid his top of his uniform, the wounds were clearing up a little bit. It was good this was caught as early as it was, "they are clearing up--and thank you, for not telling too many people, Barnes."

"It is a shame that this got you kicked out of Galactic International for this. You made a good head of the USS Eldridge JAG department."

"Not kicked out--transfered. Moving on now. If I am to be part of Rocket's Security Council, we have a law to work with--and try to solve this."

The End

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