Dragons: Universe: Not so Random Encounter

Krystal had only stepped forward a few steps when--the overworld got all swirly and weird. That favourite old battle music started playing.

Hari yells out, "what was that?"

Krystal, smiling while doing her battle stance simple answers, "random encounter."

Fuschia looking around, being another member of this battle looks around, "how--how is this a random encounter?"

Giggling and moving her eyes, scanning the battle field. A Wailord and four rattatas were up front, "well--okay, so it is not as random as we are use to, but at least it is a nice escape."

Vermil who was the fourth member of the battle, still a little bit shaky, asks, "where'd everybody else go?"

Krystal looks around and answers, "they are right here, can't you see them? Anyways--Fuschia, do you have Hail for a spell?"

Fuschia still fuddling with how to find out, "uh--where can I see it?"

Krystal sighs and jumps to a lower area of the field, "Look at the bottom of the screen. Move the cursers down to Yellow Magic--there, you have Hail--select it."

Vermil stampers out, "but--won't that hurt us as well?"

Fuschia ignoring it just starts to twiddle her thumbs looking down. Krystal looks over at Hari, "you can use Aqua Ring. It should be in there with Wish, Recover and--who knows what else."

Hari lowers his head and starts twiddling his thumbs as well. "Now Vermil, attack the Wailord, while I do the final strike,", Krystal shouted before lowering her head and twiddling her thumbs.

Hari the first up, cries out, "Aqua Ring!"--followed by small text rising up in front of the party--at low ammounts. Vermil leaps in slashing the Wailord. 100 damage shows up infront of it. Fuschia shouts out, "Hail!" and a snow storm appears, then vanishes. Taking damage on all parties for about as much as the Aqua Ring cured. The Rattatas then start leaping and tackling Vermil. Krystal shouts out, "Blizzard!"--with a short windy animation taking out the entire opposition with various damages flashing above them. Followed by them disappearing.

Krystal looks around--the usual over world. They were in between the house they entered in and the town, so these battles were to be expected--unless--Krystal digs around in her purse, pulling out a small spray bottle, and starts spraying the air around her. Hari walks up, doesn't that work better if you use it on yourself?"

"You forget, I know the person who developed this brand of Repel."

Krystal tilted her head--people made the cutest faces when she said that. She smiled--wondering if he knew what hot dogs were made out of. Roy comes running up, "so--what is this world?"

Id floats over, "and isn't a character named 'Krystal' using ice based magic a little cliche?"

Krystal having spent way to long starts up, "why! This is the world of Forever Fantasy. It is where old cliches go to die brutal bloody drawn out deaths. See, when this research centre needed some cash, they developed a series of games that would never end. Constantly out putting a new entry in the series, with the goal of removing any decent elements of game play, but adding a small feature just to see how crappy of a game they can make in the series before people realise what is going on."

Krystal pulls out her Daemon's Notebook, "says here, they get to a point where they introduce the 'Pong Battle System' before that point is reached."

Polaris looks over, "you mean phong shading, right?"

Sepia chuckles, "nope--she was correct. They also got away with an over world system stolen from Frogger before the fans finally realised what was going on."

Vermil looks up, "why? Why would somebody do that?"

Constance floating up behind him lays a hand on his shoulder, "because Dr. Pewter's weird interests are not limited to women's bodies."

Krystal floating a little further ahead giggles, "I dunno--I prefer the person who created the Steel Groudon Solid construct. At least he has a little bit of fun messing with his players. And is a little bit more honest about trying to ruin each next game he does."

Krystal, not even turning to see where Constance is says, "oh and Ego, take that bloody Psycho Scyther mask off."

"I--I know things. I can see into the future and your mind. You cannot escape me. I can tell.. I can tell you have very good spacial perception. Your movements of oddly shaped blocks is some of the highest in your peer group. I can tell--you have a fondness for My Little Ponyta--"

"Yeah, Ego--if you do not stop rooting around my save files, I am going to train you on what your duty of antibody would be like if your body was under attack."

"See! Hah! She is making threats of physical violence! I still have it! You owe me five dollars Id."

The voice of Constance shouts, "she just threatened you with physical violence and you think you are the lady's man? I have been trying to kill you for... years... for... that... crap... I suddenly feel very ill."

The voice of Ego now close to where Constance was, says, "it is probably morning sickness."

Krystal is not certain--but she somehow heard something break. Not so much a twig, as much as a steel girder.

Polaris leans over to Hari--both walking quite a bit more hustled, "uh, is it normal for a girl in the same spot at two years difference to argue with the same hallucination?"

Hari was too busy humming, trying to ignore the crazy situation--complete with his fingers in his ears.

The End

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