Dragons: Universe: Making Friends.

"Hey, what's that?" Polaris called out, his keen artistic eye being the first to notice anything. 
"It looks like a town." Sepia said, stroking his chin. "Equivalent to early steam age. Bricks and mortar, tiled roofs, with what seemed like rudimentary steam-powered engines supplying electricity. The townsfolk, who all appeared to be pokemon, appeared to be busying themselves with some sort of festival. 

"Huh. A village of pokemon. That's a unique concept." Sepia stroked his chin as a Machamp approached them. 

"You all came from the Huelrya Valley? That's impressive!" The greeter seemed genuinely impressed. 

"Well, not exactly..." Wehc laughed a little.

"Nonsense! Come, come! Enjoy the festivities!"

"Well, we can't argue with that, huh?" Sepia smiled and wandered bravely into town.

Krystal followed suit before anyone else. As usual, she was the only eager to jump right in. Max grunted a little and beckoned everyone onwards.

The End

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