Dragons: Universe: Merger and Culture Shock

Constance focused for a bit. These--how did she know this? She goes back over her past. She grew up with Roy. A rather charming younger brother whom she kind of enjoyed teasing. However, she also had Stoenn for an overbearing over protective older brother. The kind that was really silly in how over protective he was.

Then she died at a young age, and then recieved the Daemon's Notebook by Daebi. Who just happened to be the same leafy harlequin that her brother was talking about--Constance shakes her head. That was a little creepy.

Ego, still sitting on her shoulder--kicking his heals into her with his legs swinging idly. Krystal looks over and asks, "you ready t go into the Pokemon Box, future me?"

Constance felt a little alarmed. With this family there had not just been stories--like that one family down the block on her street, the family that was related to the Pewters via--Constance shakes her head a bit. She had two sets of memories--and still felt weird that only some of the memories would make the correct connections in her mind. "But--you know the images, 0387.jpg particularly scares me."

Krystal points at the band on Constance's left ring finger, "yeah, unless something happened in the two years you have lived beyond me, the Pewters still respect various institutional traditions. His third wife made certain of this."

Krystal blushed a little at that thought, "and--of course, there was not anything in the last two years, from your perspective that would cause issues, right?"

Constance thinks back--she--she had all the memories of her dating her brother. It was alien and foreign. She did things she did not normally do. It was like she was just a passenger for these memories. Like somebody else was in control as she did them. She shivers--then remembers the first real date. After this mess ended. "Yeah, especially that sweet act he did for our first real date. He--"

Krystal raises her hand, "since this was a good date, I do not want to hear it. Knowing the events may screw it up."

Constance hushes up--her memories of Daebi explaining some of the basics of temporal mechanics. Effect preceeding cause, Schroedinger's Timeline and various other elements that made Constance agree. If the date is to go well, she best just hush up. "Yes--I am ready."

Constance vaguely remembered about entering as a Red Mage a few years ago, also her future self was there as a Theif. Constance sharply looks up, to see Krystal say, "Okay--energise, and prepare the transfer"

Constance tries to say something in warning--only to see the world digitise around all of them. They were in the Pokemon Box. It was running the Forever Fantasy Sim. Constance had taken up the Theif character. She was wearing thin cloth and leather clothes. She had a small butter knife for a weapon. A gap in her front teeth. Her hair was a nice red. She still had the ability to levitate--or I guess "float" in this ability. She had a slight scar on her eye brow. And a sword pendant on her neck with two stones on it. One was her birthstone--the other was Roy's. She did not have gloves so much as braces on her elbows, shoulders and two belts across her left arm. Constance reflected that while she was adequately clothed--it was not really that much, and her clothing somehow seemed to defy logic and reasoning in the choices presented.

Krystal was standing there, looking at her character sheet, as the Red Mage. She was wearing light red armour. Having thight high boots and a rather short skirt. She had a garter strap around her left thigh. Her light red armour seemed only to act to protect her from breaking various indecency laws. She had long gloves on her hands--with the ends hanging off her upper arms--not really skin tight. Her hair was long, red and flowing. On her head was a floppy hat with a feather stuck out of it.

Fujitsu was in a rather odd set of robes. His face could not be seen. His white hair flowing out the back. Well--his face could be seen, however it only consisted of two glowing red eye dots and a smile of sorts. He also kind of smelt funny. The robe was loose fitting and anything that the robe did not cover, his large straw hat obscured.

Constance looks over to Hari--who was a white mage. Wearing a hooded white robe, with a very slender and tall figure. His face perfectly visible and was sparkling. His hair kept rather nice. His white robes with their red robes fit well--and were only loose in areas that where not suggestive. With the various choice areas of his body having tight adherence with the robe following them, he lets out a gripe, "how could robes be possibly made so clingy?"

To Hari's right, was Polaris. Wearing a rather impressive set of blue armour. It had monster teeth on it as the ornate design. He had a decent sword on his back. His helm was a nice blue that allowed his face to be seen from behind something that looks like a monster outfit. He had a nice flowing cape. Polaris was not that much more buff. However his muscles were much more tone and shaped.

Wehc was an even odder one. He was standing proud and tall. His outfit resembling more peasant wear. However it was all green. Well sewn and kept together. A character of great importance, and able to buff others. Green Mage, apparently.

Fuschia was a little odd though. She was frail--small. Sickly looking. Her clothes--matching Constance and Krystal for being mostly show, rather than practical value--were yellow. Her eyes were sunken in a little. Her hair was somewhat thin, but long and wiry. Her hands were bony--and her boy--was skin and bones. She had a strange amount of mascara running down her cheeks. Her chest somehow--still had the gravity defying pounce present in herself and Krystal.

Constance's eyes then go over to Max. She considered for a moment jokingly asking him about "what the greatest things in life were." Yes, he was a warrior, waring fur boots, fur underwear and gauntlets. Beyond that, all he was wearing apart from that was blue war paint, and a sword. He was buff. Constance looked at her outfit. Krystal's outfit. Then Fuschia's outfit. Then back at Max'. The fact that Dr. Pewter had been married four times already, with the current one on the rocks as well seemed to take on a whole new personal relevance.

Constance scared a little, looked over to her brother--who had a horn growing out of his head. Long flowing hair. He had long flowing gloves and boots. With material seeming to drape down from them for only the reason of looking cool. Roy was holding a long staff with a pokeball present on the top. He was wearing a miniskirt and thin top. And somehow tails coming off the back of his outfit.

Vermil was an odd one. He was wearing black and thorny armour. While Polaris' Blue Mage armour was a more friendly monster design--this one looked dark and evil. Vermil was sad and pouting in it. Seeming like the typical, "hero who feels sorry for himself all the time without justification" character prototype typical to these series. The armour was thorny, black and very scary and evil looking. There was also a dark aura going off it.

Sepia was standing there with a long stocking cap. Flowing behind him. Wearing a green tunic--complete with another mini skirt. Long brown boots, a shield with the kingdom's ensignia, a sword over his back, gauntlets and a small pouch on the side of his body. Constance had the urge to shout out, "hey! listen! look!" and point out how he seemed to be an outsider--not belonging here at all. Like he was some hero of time that found himself rather out of place. Sepia appeared to have a rather variant variety of Knight class. Sepia looks over, "uh, Krystal--I thought you were watching from the outside."

Krystal, still looking at her character sheet, "I am--I am outside look at.... in my.." Krystal looks around, "my usual Red Mage garb. Well, I think we figured out why nobody was in the Centre."

Krystal twirled in the spot, smiling and whistling. She was doing her usual convert scan the situation quickly while still looking like a fool. She looks over at Roy, "oh dear--you got the summoning class. Well, I know who is going to have to constantly need reviving this round."

Constance looks over, some seals burst around Roy, and both Kane and Waffles pop out. Waffles says, "pffft! That is assuming he is not as smart as to call me. However--he is."

Waffles bursts out into laughter. Wehc looks at Roy, "didn't you trade Waffles to Constance? And isn't Kane Krystal's Pokemon."

Constance knew the answer, "shared equipment pool!"

Krystal continuing, "just like we share equipment and healing items, we also share summon creatures. Though, it is odd that our Pokemon get that status."

"--however spells, skills and abilities are not shared. My ability to steal from an enemy is not shared, any more than what spells you know (and to what level) is not shared. Summon's due to their natures are listed s pets/equipment, rather than knowledge."

Krystal giggles, "a thief huh?", she looks at her character sheet and starts trying to scribble stuff, "looks like I need to work on my dexterity and intelligence score for when I finally do that class shift to thief."

The End

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