Dragons: Universe: The New World

"Helloooo?" Sepia called out, trying to get the attention of anyone nearby. 

"There's only us chickens, sorry." Krystal floated in and waved at Sepia. He smiled and clapped his hands tightly. 

"So, do you know why we're here?"

"I have a pretty good idea." Krystal had a dazed look on her face. "This is where the pokemon box system was invented. As far as I'm aware, its run by a man named Pewter. Has a really young son. Wife lives in Johto."

"First wife or second wife?" Constance said, laughing. Krystal blurted out "Fourth!" and the pair fell into hysterics.

"Riiight." Sepia said, unimpressed. He ushered the group along into the building's central complex, in which stood an impressive computer system that Sepia inspected with a healthy curiosity. "Amazing... so every Pokemon in the box system lives in here? How does it stop them going insane? Aren't they confined? What's it like in there?" He said, muttering to himself.

Krystal floated over to a monitor.

"Oh." She said glumly, turning to Sepia, "The computer says there's two non-recognised entities inside. Money says one's Pewter." She smiled widely. "LETS GO!"

"Er..." Sepia looked at the machine, before looking back at Krystal. "I think we should have someone on the outside. Just in case."

"Fun wrecker." She pouted and floated over to the computer.

"Wait," Polaris blurted out, "You wanna go in there?"

Sepia smiled widely. "Don't you?"

The End

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