Dragons: Universe: The 46th Law

Maria taps the papers on the desk, trying not to appear like she is reading from the teleprompter, "Hello, and welcome to this breaking news report. Gabby is out in the field for an interview with Stoenn Spectrum. We have just got reports of the colony that Team Temporal was on having been involved in a fair amount of fireworks. Officials have not gotten a count of the casualities--as a few of the bodies have yet to be located. These bodies that have yet to be found, include the members of Team Temporal themselves, amongst others.

"Since the teleporting equipment was damaged in the explosion via tampering after quite a bit of structural damage to the colony's defenses, it is suspected that this explosion was an escape attempted. Team Temporal is still thought to be at large.

"The tampering also damaged much of Rocket Logistics communication systems.tripling Rocket Logistics' damage for this quarter. Several faculties have been decommisioned and abandoned without even bothering to ship out the equipment or even auction it. As part of their attempts to recoup losses they sold their Titan Co. assets to Stoenn Spectrum.

"We now return you to Skippy, the Wonder Wooper--already in progress."


Krystal pulls out her Psychic Ball and starts to float around a little more freely. "Well--teleporting with alternative power supply success experiment."

Roy, who was now carrying Fujitsu on his back looks over, "I do not think we made it unscathed."

Krystal folds her hands below her chest, "nonsense, we are here just fine!"

Fujitsu rolls his eyes open to groan, "you nearly got incinerated in that teleporting explosion. Your clothes we nearly complete burnt off. Yes, you would have made it, but not without the possibility of a minor skin graft."

Ego, floating on Constance's shoulder, "and I'd do it again. I mean--it was like a rush. Literally an explosive roller coaster that went off the rails."

Krystal smiles, "See! Our personal voice of reason agrees."

Constance groans, before a voice from behind the back of everybody's minds--in amongst the horror tossed back there for sanity's sake, "Reason! Ha! I decided what reason is."

Ego nods and smiles, "I merely interpret the genius of the great Waffles."

Krystal point out, "hey! Look! There are Sepia and the others. They are entering into..." Krystal shudders, "the perverts central hq."

Constance looks over, "wait--what? That is the centre that researches poke boxes. The Pewter family is--", Constance shudders as well, obviously recalling why she should not want to enter, merely whipsering out, "0367.jpg"

Krystal shoots over a single, "0753.jpg"--resulting in Constance cringing.

Roy, hiking up Fujitsu on his back, "no clue what you two are talking about, but--we should follow them into the building."

The End

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