Dragons: Universe: The Rabata Shuffle.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, a waltz..."
"Wha... what?"
There was a general sense of surprise when Daebi appeared. Polaris was the only one who could seem to make sounds, or so it appeared.
"La-da-da-da-DA!" Daebi grabbed Hari by the arms and began to dance with him, much against his will, leaving the rest of the group bewildered. She twirled him and spun him and left him dizzy, stopping only for a moment to offer the contents of a small box to Sepia. "Cigarette?"
"How did you know?" He smiled. It was a coy smile between travellers. "Remember when we smoked in Towan?"
"Not yet. I'm not sure I care to either." Daebi laughed and continued dancing. Wehc started to clap along, giving them a rhythm, while Fuschia seemed more concerned about the fact that Sepia smoked.
"It'll kill you."
"No it won't." Sepia laughed and lit the cigarette. "I've seen that part. Kinda grim, needed a better soundtrack." He placed a hand on Fuschia's hip and began to follow Daebi's lead, dancing around Sootopolis like a madman.
"I assume there's a reason for this?" Polaris said, before being clutched by Wehc. He seemed less than impressed as Wehc took the lead. "A good reason?"
"Motion." Sepia piped up. "You see, time travel isn't a to b. Its closer to a to q via everything else. Now, there's these things. I won't bore you with specifics, but they basically block the middle paths. They actually create a sort of feeling of static electricity where there isn't any. This place is overloaded with them. Except, they're disappating. Which means..."
"There's me!" Daebi laughed and led Hari around a bit more. "I normally wouldn't interfere, but I'll be damned if anyone stops me going where I please. So, this isn't a favor. More of a revenge act that happens to involve you."
Hari let out a cry, which made Wehc and Polaris stop. They had moved.
"See? Motion. Add more points and the interference weakens. Trust me, it makes sense." Sepia laughed and took a drag of his cigarette. "Damn these things. I know they're bad, but everyone was doing them in the 40's."
"You were alive in the 1940's?" Hari asked, still a little off-balance.
"2140, actually. Anti-cancer drugs there are marvellous. Still, I won't get pregnant either."
Polaris shot Wehc a concerned look.
"So, you're in Rabata." Daebi smiled and hovered over to Fuschia. "Rocket doesn't want you here. So, you're here. See? Revenge."
Fuschia narrowed her eyes as Daebi disappeared, leaving Sepia to take charge again.
"I guess that means Roy, Constance, Krystal and Fujitsu are in there..." Sepia pointed at the Society for Scientific Success. He'd never actually been to Rabata before, but he'd heard of S3. It was the home of the Pokemon Box technology, and had one of the most memorable logos he'd ever seen - A purple S overlaid on a light green diamond. It wasn't nice, but it was memorable.
"How'd you figure that?" Wehc asked, surprised.
"Why else would she drop us here?" Sepia smiled goofily, "I've met Daebi before all this. She's an odd one, but she knows what she's doing."
"Wait, hang on. We're missing someone." Polaris pointed out a simple fact - Vermil wasn't there. He hadn't been seen since the explosion.
Sepia dropped his cigarette and swore.


Vermil awoke in a familiar place - a black void with only two residents, Saffy and her faceless clone, Origin.
He sighed a little.
"Hello Vermil." Origin spoke calmly, but Vermil was unsure of how he meant it. Having no face meant having no expressions to read. "I thought we should have a little chat."

The End

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