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The ground was cool, soft, dry and grainy on the skin, like sand. The sound of water pulling back and forth was whispering gently against his ears, faintly while some Wingull and Pelliper were squawking overhead. The air was salty, empathizing that Darkitsu was near the sea, if the sandy texture didn't give him a hint. The sun was also beating down on him, but the air was cold. So it was a sunny winter day, perhaps about forty degrees Fahrenheit, and he was on a chilly beach nearby ice-cold water.

Darkitsu dragged himself off the ground, rubbing his eyes, his leg wobbling a bit; that transport seemed to have unnerved the body a bit, which was understandable because he had never been through an electric teleporting device before. Though, the fact that he had to send the actual bodies of Roy, Constance, and Krystal to his and Darkrai's plane also wore on him.

Before he had the chance to fully recover from anything, he waved his hands in front of his eyes back and forth, attempting to hypnotize himself, singing gently with added layers, "Close your eyes and go to bed.... Close your eye and go to bed...." It evidently worked because the way he dropped back onto the shore made it evident that he fell asleep.


~Mindscrew Central~

Roy, Krystal, Constance, Ego, and ID were waiting, sitting laxly in a field filled with flowers that resembled Awesome Faces, for Fujitsu and Darkitsu to come to them so that the latter could tell them that they had arrived successfully and the former so that they could have a good conversation with him. However, only Darkitsu had come to them within a few minutes time.

"Oh hai, Fujirai," greeted Krystal. "Where's Puuk?"

The Aspect replied curtly, "Don't call me that. That's the name Logistics gave me, and I hate it. As per Fujitsu, seeing my sister die like that didn't do well for him, so he's trying to regain himself elsewhere."

Krystal nodded, but then something struck her. "That Aspect was your sister? I'm so sorry."

"I don't think he meant literally. I think he meant it like she was like a sister to him," said Roy, pushing himself up to meet with Dark. "So how bad is Fujitsu?"

"Pretty bad, I imagine. 'Specially with everything coming at us with full speed," responded ID with a mouthful of ramen.

Darkitsu nodded to the both of them, "Right, right, all of you. I suggest that you don't bother him for a while. So in the meantime I'll be controlling him."

"Aww, but I like his special brand of craziness," pouted Krystal, folding her arms.

"Well, that's mainly him attempting to be insane so he wouldn't be as hyperactive. He's perfectly sane, actually," explained the Aspect.

Ego bluntly said, "That makes no sense. Everybody in the Insanity Trio is insane."

"Yes, well, if he had no sanity, then I would be insane, now wouldn't I?" inquired Darkitsu, making a passively aggressive body posture, shooting a look to Ego.

Roy shrugged. "Meh, we don't know enough about Aspect genetics to make any guesses, so count me out of this."

"Thank you," Darkitsu sighed. "Now, we've arrived at Rabata City, and I would appreciate if you would go and change into the clothes that I provided you so that we can get you out of here," he finished, pointing to a small spontaneously appearing building

"Wait, why can't we poof up our own clothes?" asked Spectrum, looking confused and tilting her head.

"Because," explained Darkitsu impatiently, "you'll create clothes that match your persona, and therefore you'll be an easy pick for the authorities. However, if we choose the very opposite of what you would wear, the police would get suspicious and would be suspecting that sort of strategy. That's why. The only person who gets to pick clothes is Constance because we haven't seen what she normally wears."

"I guess that makes sense," said Roy, not really for arguing with the aspect.

Though, Krystal asked, "Yes, but what of our hair? And why can you not just use your admin powers to put them on us?"

"I've  prepared wigs and dyes for you with your clothes. As to why I don't put everything on for you is because I don't feel like it, since I've had to use a good amount of my energy placing your bodies here, and I have to take you out still. So just go in and get dressed," the Aspect said angrily.

Reluctantly, Krystal strode over to the dressing rooms, muttering, "Fine, jerk....", Roy and Constance following suit, leaving behind ID and Ego who stayed behind because it wouldn't matter whether or not they changed clothes; no normal person would be able to see them.

A couple of minutes later, after finishing dressing, the three adventurers reemerged from the building. First was Constance, who had chosen to stick with the clothes she wore when she was intangible to everybody except Roy. Second was Krystal, who was wearing a red and white polka-dotted shirt and a long red skirt, two black bracelets, and her hair was elaborately braided into a ponytail. Roy came out last, wearing an unbuttoned gray Armani suit, hair slicked back and dyed black, and had blue contacts.

After they had returned to the Awesome Face field to meet up with Darkitsu again, they came across a rather peculiar site. Well, it wasn't really all that strange, but this was the Fujitsu/ Darkitsu body mix that they were looking at, and it was almost nothing like it at all; standing in front of them was a badass-looking hippie-like biker leaning against a crystal-colored hog with a side-car.

"Hey, no fair! You look cool!" shouted Krystal, clearly angry at his new wardrobe, while she was plain.

Darkitsu smirked through his helmet. "So sue me. This was the best thing that I could think of, and it was hard, seeing that Logistics would be for me in Fujitsu too. I also have to hide this un-human appearance, as well. Besides, I always wanted to drive a motorcycle."

Spectrum shifted her weight to one side and folded her arms. "Is Team Rocket even looking for us yet?"

The Aspect stood up erect and said, "Probably in a couple hour's time at the least, if they decide to scout out the island soon. A couple day's worth is the most that we can hope for so that we can get settled into the city."

He placed one hand back onto the motorcycle and closed his eyes, peering at Earth, at the beach where the physical body was. He opened his eyes back up. "Alright, there's nobody on the beach, so I'll get us all back ASAP before anybody can come and see us. Oh, and Roy? Could you place me in the side car just in case I collapse? This takes a good amount of energy from me," he added, glancing to the addressee.

Roy thought for a couple of seconds, then asked, "Can I have a pair of cool sunglasses?"

"Sure," Dark replied, pulling out a pair of polarized sunglasses from his back pocket and tossing them to Roy, who put them on immediately, and while they weren't to his style, he still liked them a bit.

"Alright, let's do this already. Five, four, three, two, one!" Darkitsu counted without warning, and everything became dark. They next thing the group noticed was that they were on the beach that was on Rabata's southwestern side.

The End

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