Dragons: Heaven: Comes Crashing Down

Hastings was standing on the deck of one of the patrolling boats. They had to scramble. Someone--no--something had scrambled the shield to the point that the generators and backup batteries were strained to the point of complete failure. He puled up a report on the monitor, looking it all over. They--they had never required this kind of strain on the system before.

A crew member runs in, and salutes Hastings who turns, "have a crew sweep the conduits along the sides of Sootopolis. Find any burnt out units and replace them. Get that shield back online. Once the shield is back online, we can get to work on repairing the damage to the batteries and the generators."

The crew man, still at attention--in full Rocket uniform asks, "what about the prisoners? Shall we secure them?"

Hasting shakes his head, "no, the transporter device only has enough charge for one person in it. They would be insane to try to climb over, run through our maintenance crews, and try to get past our ships."

"Sir, that colony has Team Temporal in it, though."


Krystal was floating into the cave of origin with her friends, "oh draggie! waggy! We have a nice virgin here for you! As accordance to the treatie~"

Krystal--sparing no expense would find this dragon. Lifting every rock and stone. She pulls one on the wall, the door slides open in a spot on the wall. Fujirai, from Fujitsu's body answers, "figures, secret passages."

Four Rocket Grunts step out, to which Krystal scoffs, "silly Rockets, pretending you are Dragons,"--timed in accordance with Max' fist smack two of them in the heads. The other two lower their weapons. Krystal floated into the side passage, with her friends currently including, Hari, Max, Polaris, Wehc, Sepia, Fuschia, Vermil, Constance, Roy and Fujitsu.


The communications officer on the floor below answers a signal, and looked up at Hastings, "sir, Team Temporal is in the transport room--do we divert troops there?"

Hastings just folded his hands in below of his stomach, "no--there is nothing they can do there. Apart from teleport a member to the middle of the ocean. Keep working on the conduit repairs."


"HAHA!" Krystal exclaimed as she floats up to it. The Dragon X-35-67-Z Model D, she knew it! Krystal floats over to the terminal, before cursing, "damn it! Only 56.3 Minums of charge! The most we can do is transport one of us--and even assuming they have a decent networking scheme, we are lucky if he ends up in the middle of the ocean."

Sepia looks at another display keying up a few items, "hmm--we can transport our equipment though--and have about 10 Minums of charge."

Krystal hits a few things-the machine charges up--their inventory appearing. Max just scoffs, "great--how long until they get this away from us. If we tried to go through those units it would be a massacre for us."

Krystal goes through her stuff, pulling out her Daemon Balls, "nope--this new _working_ variant of Daemon Ball can be used to recharge this machine."

Wehc looks over, having grabbed his notes and recording equipment, noting a few of his notes were missing, "Wait? When did you fix the Pokeballs?"

Krystal pulls out an High Explosive Charge Daemon Ball and explains, "oh--it was a matter of looking at the targeting matrix. I simply tweaked how it saw stuff--solving the issues with the faults."

Krystal hits a ball on the Repaired Daemon Ball, it opens and captures the Explosive Charge Daemon Ball. Fuschia's jaw dropped, "so--we can capture pokemon again?"

"Oh no--the target matrix only can recognise other Daemon Balls. Then once a Daemon Ball has been captured in the Daemon Ball, the Daemon Ball is registered to the Daemon Ball. Though--this shows great sign of the capsules being fixed."

Fujirai facepalms--obviously jealous he did not think of it.

Sepia walks over, taking the Daemon Ball captured in a Daemon Ball from Krystal, remarking over it. Looks over at the Dragon. Then back at the double capture ball, before saying, "yes--this could work to power the Dragon--but only for four people--along the route we will want."

Sepia walks to a dusty worn map on he wall, marking out a route that would be best--as if confirming the route. One last time.

Ego floats over, having Roy speak for him, "We send Consie as our designated test subject, Krystal as our scientific link, Fujitsu to pull us into his shadow's world, should this screw up, and of course Roy. I will be damned if I did not get a chance to this ride!"

Fuschia looks back, Max eyeing the door, Hari pulling out his cards--Hari stating from a few cards, "we need to move fast."

Sepia hooks up a large amount of Daemon Balls to the machine--for the charge.

Krystal floats over to the pad, followed by Fujitsu, Roy and Constance. Krystal points out the finger before a large explosion of the attached Daemon Balls pulses into the machine sending them off, "Four to beam down! Energise!"


Hari climbed out from under the rubble, Max, Sepia, Polaris, Wehc and Fuschia climbed out from under the rubble as well. The machine, had been wrecked. Sepia stands upright, "well--time for us to move to them to our target."

Fuschia yells, "how--our machine has been destroyed! They cannot call for us with it. We are stranded."

Some leaves blow in and a familiar giggling is heard, "no--now you have never been less stranded."

Fuschia turns around surprised, Sepia groans while Wehc, Polaris, Max and Hari explain, "Daebi!?"

The End

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