Dragons: Heaven: All Houndooms

Jezibelle was up and walking--it was hard. Her one leg tended to be numb all of the time. Her arm on her opposite side also had the same issues.

She did not understand why people kept calling Lady Kiss "Stoenn". It did not make sense. She opened the door to the room her and her mistress shared. Lady Kiss had her back to the door and... was--weeping? "What is wrong, Milady?"

"I--I had a victory today" she sniffs.

"You are not making sense, Milady"

"You.. you have to leave." She sniffs, "you--you... you cannot do want you need to any more."

Jezibelle--not understanding this at all, started feeling dizzy from the stress, limps towards Lady Kiss--she could not feel her right foot at all anymore. She stumbles and trips. Her hand just trying to reach for Lady Kiss. Lady Kiss, turns and smiles, tears in her eyes, holds Jezibelle in her arms--as everything goes black.


Lady Kiss had her Jezibelle in her arms. Where did she go wrong? This--this was a tool. To be used...to be... Lady Kiss sobbed a little more. She tried to stop this--or at least put it off for a little while longer. She--she had chosen Mai Lee West from the student records because she thought she would be disposable. She... she was only suppose to be a tool.

Kiss sobbed out something about not being attached to a garden hoe.

Then the video phone rings, to which Lady Kiss just shouts, "go away!"

This does not stop the phone from ringing any less, Kiss yells at it angrily, "I do NOT want to talk to anybody."

Kiss scowled. She was not certain what she was more mad about. The fact that Jezibelle died, the fact she could not stop it or the fact she got caught up in trying. However, the phone unperturbed answered itself with a, "Perfection, authorisation 51095. I know you are in there Lady Kiss."

Kiss slides Jezibelle out of her arms. The slowly cooling husk no longer drawing the heat from her body. Jexibelle just slid down Kiss and collapsed onto the floor, with Kiss floating over, to meet P's face onto the monitor. Kiss' mascara was running--she did not care. The only thing she had learned to care about was in a pile of dead flesh onto the floor. Because of her own failure to fix things. To change things. To make a better future.

Kiss slams down on the table near the dialing pad of the video phone, "I do NOT want to talk to your right now."

P was toying around with a Rubik's Cube, "I just wanted to congratulate you on the good work on what you have gained here. A little bit showy, but I do appreciate that you will continue to work for the Rockets in our wishes."

Kiss just looked at the Rubik's Cube. P was within only a few turns of solving it. However he was just toying with it--as if idly. As if he did not want to fix it. As if he did not want the solution to it. Like he enjoyed having the Rubik's Cube in a constant state of twisting and turning--never quite in the proper state. Kiss blurts out a, "you have been screwing with the problem, never permanently solving it! STOP TOYING WITH IT AND SOLVE IT!"

P looks a little it confused. Does the few twist and turns, and puts the cube down, solved with six flat coloured surfaces. P looks at Kiss with a certain distaste. Like Kiss was the killjoy she was--but since Kiss' favourite and only toy broke she was not in a mood for others to have fun either. "What was that out burst over, young lady?"

"You just keep screwing around. Every puzzle--every riddle... every problem... you just toy and screw around with it. Like you will somehow get a Tetris if you build up a wall and just wait for that long skinny piece. Well--Team Temporal has got more than enough set up. You have screwed around with this long enough."

P. scowls. He knew Kiss was right. It is never good to be out smarted by your own subordinate. However, very few people could outsmart P. Kiss was glad she was one of them. P simply leans in, hits the hang up button with only a, "I decide how and when I solve my problems. Thank you very much."

Kiss just turned around. Well--she would need to set up a mausoleum. Kiss sniffs, crying a little as she looked at Jezibelle sill, and peaceful body. Kiss just did not think it would be so soon.

The End

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