Dragons: Heaven: Devil on the Throne

Stoenn was starring out the Basement Window--of what appeared to be a fortress created as best as the rental lease could allow. The two people who seemed to be room mates were typing on their computers. Gun closet locked and very easy to be seen. Stoenn had seen them only take the guns out for maintanence purposes. To clean them, and make certain nothing was wrong with them.

Stoenn really did not know how best to describe Jason and Ryan. When he saw them act up--they were very much individuals. Usually going out into public they did their usual Grey Man Team Network type stuff. Where they had no logos, or brandnames, or anything of description on thei clothing. Usually choosing their clothing for what it does, and how well it does it. Usually about as unassuming as possible. Or, on club night they went completely Steam Punk--or Cyber Punk--and hit the clubs.

It was odd. Usually in movies people like this were done as robotic personality lacking suits. However they would joke around about anything and everything. Usually drinking a mixture of alcohol and energy drinks. The food that is cooked--odd as it was--would normally be vegan friendly recipes. Or at least that is what they would base most of it on. Usually with a large amount of bacon or steak next to it. Usually making certain to go to herbalists for their seasonings.

Jason comes running out, "uh--Stoenn, we have a news report that may interest you."

Stoenn got up, and on he computer terminal in their room, they had grabbed a news report from a local news service. Kyle, who was over for just this bit summarised as Stoenn read the details, "yeah--looks like somebody is claiming to be you. He bought Titan Co. off of Rocket Logistics. He refuses to be photographed--but is open to phoning and audio files. He sounds amazingly like you. He also has been rehiring a fair amount of the Daemon Army that Rocket Logistics appears to be laying off."


Lady Void was floating behind Stoenn Spectrums Desk, she looks over at me, in a light friendly male voice,  "so, Krystal, how is your day?"

I beam--I remembered this happiness from the memories during my training, "I am pretty good? *teehee*"

"You sound like you are not sure."

"Well--after relapsing back into Team Temporal again--I got to take things one day at a time."

Lady Void, for the mics and press, "Right--now that this little issue with Team Temporal is over with. I have purchased my company back from Rocket Logistics. Also--it seems that some of the damage that Rocket Logistics has felt has required them to decommission various faculties and buildings. It has also led to mass lay offs of the Daemon Army. Now--I kind of view these as a form of sisterly bond. Being made from Genetic information of my Sister."

I tilt my head down, "yeah, I feel silly about that too. I guess that was a sign I was relapsing back to my previous path."

"It is okay, Krystal, one day at a time. You need to worry more about recovering from the little upset in Kanto. Anyways--as an extension of good will--I am hiring the Daemon Army as a full on research team for Titan Co. They are fairly unique individuals with various talents and traits."

A press member pipes up, "what of your sister's girlfriend? How is her hospital stay going?"

Lady Void makes a rather angry face--the member of the press looks scared and collapses looking like he is trying to scream in terror, but choking too hard to do so. I pipe up, "sorry--I get a little sensitive about my pet. She has started to recover from her bed ridden state. She has started to walk again. So that is kind of promising."

Lady Void shoots a glance over, composes herself, "right--control yourself better. You would not want to relapse to your Team Temporal self again, would you?"

I look down--as I should be ashamed.

Another press audience looks up, "I am just kind of curious--why no cameras. I mean--even to the point of disabling the Towen Tv Station and working on a Towen Radio Tower?"

Lady Void adjusts what would appear to the press audience as Stoenn Spectrum's pant leg, moving up to his coat and up to his collar, "this is to reduce prep time needed for press reports. I am a very busy person, and do not have time for such nonsense."

"Is this because of the recent death of your partner?"

This press audience member who asked that also choked on a scream. Lady Void was not impressed here. Lady Void looks over, "apologise Krystal. I know you are ticked off about the death of--" Lady Void sniffs--it seemed legit too, "anyways, keep moving on. Move to the future."

I look down, sad, "I suppose you are right, Stoenn.... I need to be a trooper... move on."

Lady Void looks up, "now, for our plans for the next fiscal year.."

The End

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