Dragons: Heaven: Daemons in Disguise

Gabby Newssom had a nice scoop. It was a nice piece of good news. A potential solution to the issues with the Pokeball problem. She was sitting at the interview table. Unfortunately the only place she could meet Mr. Vonnegut was in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Gabby felt a bit odd about the lack of Tv equipment in this building. Sinnoh, Cyren, Almia and Towen all had some wonderful Tv networks. It seemed odd that Johto and Kanto relied on other regions for this.

Gabby adjusts her outfit, and looks over, "where is he? He is late. I still do not like that he refused to appear on Tv--instead opping for the reason of convie--"

Gabby saw her boss in the other room, behind glass point that Mr. Vonnegut was about to enter the studio.

"Good evening Johto, Gabby Newssom here--sorry for the delay. I am on the wonderful Lunn's Pokemon Chat, for the interview with Kurt, a local craftsman in the Johto Region. We are also appearing on various local broadcasters in various municipal regions. Now, Kurt--explain what you do."

"Well, I am one of the last of many generations of Capsule makers. We have practiced the craft o creating Capsules for around one thousand years."

"So, in short, you make custom Pokeballs."


"So, why have you not bothered to counter the issues Capsule Corp is having with their Pokeballs."

"Endangered Plant Life Ma'am. One of the main reasons that those cheap duplicates started being manufactured is due to the dwindling supply of Apricorn trees. The main material for capsule creation. We have been trying a system where we plant these tress in Towen Region--and it looks promising."

"So--for various listeners who do not know what Endangered refers to, could you explain it for them?"

"Well--Endangered means that a plant or pokemon has been targetted and hunted until its numbers dwindle. There are plenty of evidence of extinct Pokemon Species in fossil records. There is also historical records of humans hunting Pokemon to extinction. Endangered is a state from before this occurs."

"Some would argue that it is the natural order for Apricorns to just die out."

"Yes--that may be the case. However, with the Apricorn goes the Pokeball capture system--unless the issues with Capsule Corporation can be fixed."

"Is there anything the listeners at home can do?"

"Well, Titan Co is offering Apricorn bushes that can be bought. While the Apricorn requires a special form of soil that is not available in most gardens, it makes a very nice looking house plant. Also, the study of how to better grow Apricorn trees has taught us how to make some rather nice protein drinks. These will start to appear as limited amounts at various Poke Marts."

"Well, there you have it, Kurt and Titan Co., trying to restore our planet."

The On Air light turned off. Gabby got up, brushing off her dress and sighs, walking out the door and down the hallway. Next to Kurt. Gabby asks, "why did you deny the Television appearance?"

"Because, cameras will see through my disguise."

Kurt just kept walking forward--wait... was... was Kurt floating every few steps?

The End

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