Dragons: Heaven: By the Mercy of All of Heaven.

Jezibelle's curiousity overwhelmed her. Milady Kiss often had some rather wild dreams--which she would never tell Jezibelle about when Lady Kiss woke up.

Though--lately--ever since Lady Kiss started to draw the power that was hers--which was already starting to flow inside and out of her. Slowly increasing--Lady Kiss' dreams... well, Lady Kiss would toss and turn more.

Jezibelle got curious so as she was laid down next to her mistress she put her fingers onto Lady Kiss' temples.


It was the cosmos. All of it. Not just the three typical spacial dimensions: height, width and depth--but several other spacial dimensions people do not even know about. And--the temporal lay out. There were so many stars.


Jezibelle woke up to a smack across the jaw. Lady Kiss was standing above her--angrily. Jezibelle... was tied down to a bed. An.. an IV in her arm. Lady Kiss sneers, "what did you think you were doing? That--that", Jezibelle thought she could hear Lady Kiss sniffle a little, "could have killed you."

Lady Kiss walks off--looking like she was floating, "I awoke to you in spasms next to me. Your--your mind has issues taking a few things. I--I am trying to help that with the treatment. I want you--" Lady Kiss tightens her face--very much so scowling--before slamming her fist onto the wall, "I want you healthy and happy. I want--"

Lady Kiss storms out of the room, not able to complete her sentence.

A Daemon Medic floats into the room--in much the same manner as Lady Kiss. Jezibelle must have really went for a loop. The Daemon Medic looks at the equipment, the down to Jezibelle, "you are not to move for twenty four hours. You hit your head pretty hard. And with the other conditions involved in your health, if you move anything apart from your arms, legs (and not much even then), you may go completely brain dead."


Jezibelle cries a little.


Polaris was sitting doing his usual sketching of landscape and people. When--something went flying out of the cave just a little bits away. This something was fiery, in a mist and giving off electrical sparks. It had three heads. It--Polaris could not describe what it looked like--save being a combination of Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos.

Polaris runs closer. He could not do anything. He could however, sketch it. He runs sketch after sketch of the odd bird. Mostly just quick and dirty. Getting an idea of what it looked like. The form. The shape.

He could not do anything else. He knew it. But he could capture he moment on paper.

He then heard screams from the Spectrum girl, and screams for the Spectrum girl to stop what she is doing. Polaris turns. Several people were trying to hold Krystal down. She--she was trying to fly up to stop the bird from killing itself. They were holding her down for her own safety.

Polaris starts to sketch various sketches of the form, motions and movements here. However--there was a small Pokeball floating around Krystal. It was not one of her Daemon Balls either. It was a different colour--with a small eye symbol where the button would be.

Polaris sketches a few more shots. He noticed that the Ball that was moving around Krystal--seemed to move like another body part. An extension of Krystal.

Much like how when people walk, throw punches--or move any of their body parts, they will tend to involuntarily move other body parts in the motion, the floating ball was doing the same. Polaris labelled the ball "Tail of the Daemon" on some of the sketches.

Polaris looks up. The energy dome--had shattered. Polaris runs some quick sketches of some of the falling shards--and one quick sketch of the falling bird--it was all he could get.

He then ran up to the lake shore. Did a few quick sketches of the girl who was hugging the large bird. Noting a few--similarities in the two. Polaris lowers his sketch pad, "an aspect?"

Krystal gets up, and walks away--trying to look strong--but she had obvious been horribified. "It is too late for her. She was dead long before she came here.", Krystal turns her head, trying to smile--but not being believable, "let us help the others that are not physically dead--regardless of their emotional state.

Sepia walks up to comfort Krystal. Polaris walks up to Roy and Fujitsu, "Look out for her. She is starting to show signs of being stress out. I thought she was crazy before... but... the other shoe may drop soon."

The End

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