Dragons: Heaven: She Died To Pay For Your Falsified Crimes

"Help is on the way", Sepia said, looking into the Cave of Origin.

Krystal dragging Roy--who was starting to get second thoughts, confirms, "Yes! I am here. Being Goddess of time and everything."

Sepia does not look back--just deeper into the cave, "not you--not his time"


Why--why can I not be better? Why is everything I try to do over shadowed by others? I--I am just a copy. Made by stolen technology. Made of a subordinate--one that does no ever do anything important. Presented in the form of a cheap attempt to emulate my mother.

The light at the end of the tunnel is appearing. My salvation. Some way to do things better. The outside of the cave is here--just need to leave this.


Krystal, naturally wondering who would save her--which has happened a few times already was about to ask Sepia--when... something came flying out of the cave. Something... shiny?

Krystal did not see much of it. It just came flying out of the cave of origin, straight into the air--and into the shielding above Sootopolis. Krystal--being helpful and all, screams out, "hey! Miss Dragon! You forgot your virgin sacrifice."

The rather odd dragon--ignores her, and simply chooses to fly into the shielded energy dome defenses and electrocuted herself.

Krystal observed this.. Aspect?

It was very similar to the legendary Perigro. Though--there were details--important ones. Different, or just plain missing. Krystal floats up--she must save her fellow aspect--but a hand rests onto her shoulder. She turns to see somebody she knew as Fuschia, who shakes her head, "I could not talk her out of it. I barely was able to not do it myself. She--she is trying to redeem herself."

Krystal--realising what was wrong. Noted this was not Perigro, so much as Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos combined into one aspect. Those three noted as being the children of the Bird Goddess. Krystal, screams out, "I--I--"

Krystal tries to fly off to pull the Perigro aspect down, but Roy, Sepia, Fuschia and Fujistu appear to be holding her back. Fujistu showing uncharacteristic strength.

A large flash fills the air. The shield shatters inwards with the Perichia aspect falling into a shallow part of the lake. Everybody runs to Perichia. The aspect was more bird than human--but it still has some human elements to it. It coughed soot--heavily burned beyond recognition, "Go! Get out! They will take hours to repair the shield. Go to the transporter!"

Krystal shakes her head, "but--why? Why?"

The bird turns her head, "You would not understand... you... you are perfect. You are complete. Even though you are an accident, your presentation is perfect. Not like me--imperfect second rate reverse engineered creature. I was made in Rabata out of scrap DNA, by a minor scientist in an attempt to duplicate great successes elsewhere. At least--I can make some use of my shell."

Krystal gets up--her head down tilted. She floats away--to the Cave of Origin. Looking up as she gets some distance away, "It is too late for her. She was dead long before she came here.", Krystal turns her head, trying to smile--after all, they had a chance to escape, "let us help the others that are not physically dead--regardless of their emotional state."

The others--taking the weird change in Krystal's character as the obvious fashion she was trying to hide. This was another one of the scary moments on the journey. The suicide of a goddess, due to lack of self worth.

Sepia, seeming to sense Krystal's new shift in mental composure, "your idea to head to Rabata city to investigate Perichia is genius. Good work Miss Spectrum."

Krystal looks up, forward, then back at Sepia, who, like the others had started to walk forward to the Cave or Origin. With the exception of Fuschia--who was merely embraced around Perichia's dying body. Not able to let go until one of them died.

She however, suspected that the only reason they were moving forward was a fear to stop before it is done.

The End

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