Dragons: Heaven: Mourning

"I want to change things--make things right."

Jiroid was watching her lesser half. Her lesser half had put the pet to sleep. Jiroid appears out of no where.

"You--what do you want?" the lesser half sneered at Jiroid.

Jiroid figured it was best to take any advantage she could, "why--to grant wishes of course. And well, as your aspect, us being in the same room will increase the ability to make all our desires come true."

The lesser half was sitting on the bed, running her hand onto the pet's back. "But all I can think of is ways to try to stop the travesty from occurring. My mind is racing to stop the.. the... nightmare."

Jiroid thinks quickly, "well, a fair amount of wish making is a quick chess game. Moving on the seat of your pants decisions. Looking at what you have around you. This is an important part of our wish making abilities."

The lesser half just continues to run the pet's back, tucks the pet in. Gets up and floats out to work, "thank you Jiroid--our talks seem to really help. The future will be saved."

The End

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