Dragons: Heaven: Rally at the Gates

Jezibelle had never seen Milady this ticked off before. Lady Kiss had seen some reports on her desk then grabbed Jezibele to pull her down a few rooms to a communication screen. As usually Lady Kiss walked way too fast, when pulling Jezibelle about. Lady Kiss sat on the chair for the communications screen, turns her head, and looks at Jezibelle, saying, "sit."

"Yes, Milady"

Lady Kiss punches in some numbers on the keyboard--and P gets loaded up, "Why is my brother being listed as a political prisoner? Get him back from Sootopolis!"

P seemed rather ticked off. Like some variable had missed him. "Miss Void, the attempts to capture Stoenn have gone arise. I have been talking with Leader about it."

The screen splits in two. Leader being on one side, and P being on the other. Leader, looks to a spot left on the screen, then to the right, "ah, yes, Miss Void, we appear to have an issue. Team Network appears to have infiltrated our ranks. The kidnapping of Stoenn was intercepted."

Lady Kiss hits a few buttons, bringing up a few displays, "well, this expains the issues my Daemon Army has been coming across. We have been having a large amounts of security breeches into our systems. An alliance between Teams Network and Temporal would explain it."

P looks down to the bottom of his screen, then up, "this looks interesting--I will bring Admin Mercury onto the screen."

The two squares with P and Leader shrink a little and an image of the admin of the Rockets Security Guard--the Soldiers--appears. "Right, thank you for my recent promotion. Anyways, we appear to have been having a few vandalism issues being reported. Nothing political--or even visual. It appears that telephone, media and power lines have been being tampered with."

Lady Kiss nods, "okay, I shall send a Daemon Army detachment to do sweeps of our various faculties."

Admin Mercury grimaces, "seems, somehow, Krystal has found a friend in Team Network. Our little publicity stunt of having capturing Team Temporal seems to have brought up a small up rising."

Perfection looks up and to the left, "Admin Mercury--no uprising is too small to ignore. Look at what you can do here."

Leader looks to a spot up and to the left on his screen, "Perfection", then to the lower spot, "Miss Void, I will begin to brief the science division on how best to safe guard our systems."

:Lady Kiss smirks, "they think they can get in do they? Well--let us show them what kinds of tools we have at our disposal. Kiss Void out."

Lady Kiss hangs up on her end, leans over and well--kisses Jezibelle on the lips, "now, we have a small break to take care of."

Jezibelle felt all dizzy and aflutter.

The End

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