Dragons: Heaven: The Price of Salvation

Stoenn was sitting in a random basement somewhere. He had managed to get out of the take over of Titan Co. Seems he had been targeted as a political threat.

Stoenn had returned from his vacation early. He had brought his friend Nick back with him. He had entered his office--to see P sitting in his desk. Back of the chair turned to him. Spinning around, he simply said, "I suppose you are wondering why I called you into my office."

Stoenn knew what was up right away. He had read a news report on Team Temporal's capture. He walks casually into the office--standing close to the picture of Prof. Ash. "Right, my ties to Team Temporal presumably."

P lifting an eyebrow, "it is odd that you would not turn and run. Instead walk into the office, with the tiger ready for you to be caged."

P hits a few buttons, and an image displays on the board behind him via the projector. Giving the floor plans of this office, "maybe not, these floor plans are very odd. No--having spaces and completely empty spots on them."

The door behind the portrait of Prof. Ash opens up to show two Rocket Logistics soldiers. They grab Stoenn. P in a true feigned surprise, "oh, secret passages. Why Stoenn, your enginuity truly amazes me. Well, I may as well let you have your escape into the secret passage."

Stoenn is lead into the passage, to be met with other Rocket Soldiers, BANG! A weapon unloads. The Rocket Soldier to the left of Stoenn had a silencer on it, but it was still rather loud. The two beside him start to shoot the radios of the other soldiers, then shooting them.

The two lead Stoenn to the exit who then say, "Network delivers."

So now Stoenn was in a basement. One of them, had taken the Daemon Army barcode identifier, and was using that as proper id to break into Rocket Logistics. Stoenn had no idea what they were grabbing, but one of them says, "break out the Jolt--we are dealing with some strong security."

"It is weird--it is like they are watching us, and adapting."

Stoenn sighs, "they are--the Krystal Klones watch their networks."

One nods to the other--they were both now in rather nondescript garb, "right--enter code Play Global Thermonuclear War."

The other looks over, "right--did the Network Nodes after Nick get back, he was targeted for associations with Stoenn."

"They did--Nick did not escape... we shall hold mass after the war ends."

Stoenn just stares out into space--not... not Nick...

Stoenn begins to cry.

The End

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