Dragons: Heaven: Incoming

"Sir, I'm reading a tremendous disturbance coming this way. What should we do?"
"There's nothing we can do." Rocket Executive Hastings cleaned his glasses while he was talking. "It is a normal phenomenon around here. I imagine it is just overflow from the Mossdeep Program."
"But sir, its above normal limits. I think we should brace ourselves..."
"Did I not just say it was safe? Clearly, Mossdeep has simply increased their output or something. I am not a professor, I do not know the specifics." Hastings grunted impatiently and left the room, leaving his subordinates slightly worried.


"Here, you look a bit pale." Cerulean handed Vermil a bowl of water. He accepted it gratefully, pausing for a beat before speaking to Cerulean.
"How do you manage?"
"What?" Cerulean seemed surprised.
"Its just... Things here seem so hard. It is a prison, after all..." Vermil sighed and put down the bowl. "How do you all get by?"
"We're a little like a self-contained city, I suppose. We've got houses and infrastructure, all built ourselves. We've enough food to survive and frankly, I think that if Rocket left this place, we'd probably stay anyway. It is our home, after all."
"Wait, what did you say?"
"Hm? What, that if Rocket left..."
"Rocket Logistics runs this place?" Vermil wasn't overly surprised, but it did make things a little more clear.
"Yeah. It isn't publicly known, but Rocket Logistics runs most of the criminal justice system in Cyren. What I wouldn't give for them to be ousted..."
"Well..." Came a  voice - Sepia's voice - from outside of the cave. "I'll have to see about that. Vermil, don't despair. Help is on its way. Trust me."
Sepia smiled a smile that Vermil though almost funny.

((Sootopolis is almost over. We're hurtling towards the end of Dragons. It isn't a long chapter, but it is going to end with a bang.)) 

The End

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