Dragons: Heaven: Time Travel not a Solution

Daebi giggles--leaves still kind of tickled her feet when they blew by. She was sitting on a cliff in Mossdeep City. There was a space program here--and the security was rather tight. Due to the political climate--the security would still be tight for another five or six years.

Daebi looks out over to Sootopolis. Daebi would love to know why they had a political prison so close to a space centre. Daebi is not going to know any time soon. She pulls forward some of her vine like hair--and looks at it. It was starting to wilt a little.

Seems the tachyon field was especially strong today. Daebi sighs. She knew it was not a natural phenomenon. Just based on the tachyon getting stronger as time goes on. Well--until the tachyon field collapses in onto itself. Of course then Daebi would have needed to wait until the area became safe for her.

She never really found out what happened to make it collapse--or what caused the field. However, she was effectively disabled in this situation.

Footsteps walk up behind her, "so the great Celetwo does not know all. The great Celetwo cannot give all the answers. I find this amusing."

Daebi turns to look at Jiroid. That demon warding tag covering Jiroid's face. Daebi grabs onto it, pulling it down--the fact she always wore this ticked Daebi off. Hence most of the names in "Daemon's Notebook". Jiroid gives a decent "ow! My face"

Daebi releases her hand from the demon warding tag that was hanging down from Jiroid's head and looks out to the centre of the tachyon storm, "let me watch what I see as a train wreck."

The End

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