Dragons: Heaven: Martyrs

Id just floated over the mess. Eating his usual ramen. Shortly after Conscience and Roy started to try to get apart, Krystal joined in. He just had to ask, "Why did you do it too?"

"It looked fun. I felt left out."

There was a messy ball of Krystal, Conscience , Ego and Roy. Struggling to come undone. Krystal gets her mouth free, "lake--we can cause issues with the epoxy there."

Ego getting his head up, "what this is the water proof brand. I keep it the water soluable one in my left pocket."

"The one labelled 'solute-less epoxy'?"

"... ... Yes--now Id, roll us to the lake to get us unstuck."

Id rolls his eyes, floats behind them, and starts rolling them into the lake. With a splash they struggles and the epoxy was now white ribbons in the salty water.

Conscious bobs her head up. Followed by Roy--then by Krystal... who dunks him under the water... then flies out with his pants... admiring them, "Krystal give Roy his pants back!"

Krystal drops Roy's pants and floats down, trying to lift Roy out of the water and onto the land. Krystal flops, panting--apparently the levitation was tiring. Roy got his pants back on.

Krystal gets up and looks around, thinking thoughtfully--before her mind lights up with an idea. This ought to be good. She shouts out, lifting her finger pointing upwards, "We demand a virgin sacrifice!"

"Wait? What?"

"I have a theory. It started off that every legendary bird, except the dead one, attacked us. Right?"

Roy nods, "yeah."

"Then we end up dealing with every hound--except Heatran, right?"

Conscience looks up, "no... we saw Heatran. Raikou and Suicune we did not see however."

"Hmm--I could have sworn Daebi assured me that he was still in his cave during that time. And Raikou and Suicune are not really Hounds. More like Hamhams," Krystal grins to herself, "Anyways--enough of that. We got attacked by a Palkia recently, right?"

Ego gets up, "I think I know where she is headed here. I say, we offer Conscience as the sacrifice to the dragon that we will be seeing any time now."

Krystal shakes her head, "no--she is quite clearly not a virgin. Secton 89-3-5-8-8-6a or the Dragon-Villager Treaties of 2309 on the Chinese calendar specifically states that the sacrifice must be of the 'pure' side of things."

Ego smirks, "You're telling me. She can barely keep Roys pants on."

Conscience pipes up, "Ego! I had nothing to do with that!"

"Heh--the body you are in did it two years ago. Do it again!"

Roy pipes up, "hey! Cut it out!"

Conscience looks over to Roy and cuddles into him. Krystal floats over, "seeing as how I am too pretty to risk--and one of the two currently present goddesses of time--Roy will be our sacrifice to the great dragon we shall see!"

Ego snickers, "she got you Roy. You've barely been up to bat--never mind any bases."

Roy looks around sheepishly--what had he gotten himself into. Krystal helping him up, tries to inspire him further, "Why Roy! We shall enter into the Cave of Origin! Your sacrifice will not be in vain! For the mighty Team Temporal shall escape! And live happily ever after~!"

"After you defeat Rocket Logistics, right?"--Roy kind of nervous. Bargaining with the situation in a rather poor manner.

"Who?", Krystal responded, seeming to have forgotten them already.

Id just stood there perplexed as Ego, Conscience and Krystal lead Roy off to do something else stupid. Id followed behind--Roy had a nasty habit of being the person in a group of people to do these sorts of things.Hopefully Roy would get sense to not submit to this stuff one of these days.

It was a real shame that Conscious was not talking him down--she was having issues of her own. The issues with... well "Lucy" really did not sit well in her mind.

The End

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