Dragons: Heaven: Yami no Fujitsu

The body of Fujitsu just sat beside Vermil, watching what was going on with the Freudiant Trio and Roy, unmoving. Normally Fujitsu would like to join in on the fun, but to do so now was almost unthinkable.

Suddenly the head perked up, as if it saw something. The body then got up and crouched, staring fixedly at the door of the hut. Then, without any warning, he shouted, "TACOOOOOUUUZZZZ!!!! MUZT KEILLL!!" and sprinted out the door, knocking down Roy, bumping his head on the ground.

Nobody made a move to stop him, except for Cerulean, but Max briefly explained that that was how Fujitsu worked, and that going after him like that would drain you very shortly. So he sat down, and nobody looked after him. Nobody except Wehc; he glared after him.

The body sprinted and sprinted for who knows how long. It was not until he ran around the lake and to the other side, scaling the walls, that he halted. He was panting lightly, as the body had much energy and stamina. For only a minute did it need for the breath to catch up. Then, he focused on the sea in front of him.

There were numerous Rocket ships patrolling the perimeter, keeping a lookout for anybody that actually managed to escape and climb off the ledge. That was pretty much made impossible due to the electric barrier that surrounded the dormant volcano. For normal people.

The fused body transformed into a shadow and sunk down onto the ground. He attempted to move past the barrier and... KZZZRRT!! The shadow was actually electrified and thrown backwards and to body was forced to reform.

"... Goddamn it." Darkitsu grunted. "They accounted for me and updated the barrier, eh? F**k them...."

He stood back up and tried using and array of Dark-based attacks on the wall, including a dozen Shadow Balls. Nothing worked. He wanted to scream in frustration, but kept his voice level down.

"You KNOW, Fujitsu..." he said, "I'd probably have a more successful time with this if you weren't WASTING YOURSELF AWAY!!!" He used a Shadow Punch on the barrier and got thrown back, zapped again.

He yelled, while keeping his voice down, "Are you serious!? I know that what we saw would screw up almost anybody's mind, but it wasn't real! The proof is here, on this island, not in that f**king dimension. Now, I'm going to give you a chance to control your body yourself, and I want you to answer me when you do got it?"

He waited three seconds, then gave Fujitsu access to his own body like he said he would. However, once he did, the Fujitsu just dropped to the ground, not moving. He still had that vacant stare on his face. Dark immediately took back control and picked himself up. He was more than angry now.

"Fantastic, just fantastic.... Not only do I have to keep this body in shape, but I now have to act like you for who knows how long! You weakling!!" he shouted, not bothering to keep his voice down this time. "I know that you like Spectrum, I know you wish to be more than friends, I do, too!! But we both admitted to ourselves that it'd be foolish to go after her. Her heart belongs to Roy and Roy alone, and we have no problem with that; we're content with being just friends! And everybody else is okay, too, nothing that happened there was real! Just suck it up and be a man!"

He was going to say more things about the subject to Fujitsu (who probably wasn't even paying attention), when he heard a noise from behind him. His instincts blared. He turned into a shadow and went down the ledge to merge with the other shadows. He spread himself out amongst them. He was scanning the area for whatever made that noise. However, strangely enough, he couldn't find anybody. He waited a few seconds, then resumed his solid form.

"What the hell...? Aw, who cares, anyway. Nobody was there, so I have nothing to worry about," he decided upon. He then became thoughtful for a few moments. At the end of those moments, his face broke out into an evil, evil grin.

"If there's that Cerulean guy at this place, then there must be other people here besides us.... Hnhnhnhn... fufufufufufu... GYAHAHAHAH!!" he laughed, crazed with joy. "Now I can feast upon people's nightmares! I've been restraining myself because the others are Fujitsu's friends, but since he has no connection to these people, I can do whatever I want. And since this is something of a prison, they would deserve it."

He transformed back into a shadow, one with blank eyes and the same malicious grin, and set out to find whoever else was in the volcano.


Wehc had just finished copying down the scene, just moments after it finished. He had followed Fujitsu's body, knowing full well that it wasn't Fujitsu, but his Aspect. The noise that Dark heard was his arm accidentally brushing against a branch from the tree that he was hiding in. He was just barely able to avoid detection by jumping as high as he could and using a gadget that was built into his jacket that could help him glide.

That aside, the only thing that he could describe Darkitsu's true nature was "semi-evil". He would be completely evil if it weren't for the fact that he was somewhat understanding and that he was actually, in a way, trying to help Fujitsu get out of his broken state.

As for everything else, he could already tell. If Dark was controlling Fujitsu's body, then he would have been broken, most definitely, and the only way to break Fujitsu was to watch unspeakable things happen to his friends. He could also tell the affection that he had for the Spectrum-lady, and that he was too smart to go chasing after her. Wehc felt a lot of sympathy for Fujitsu at that moment, but it was time to go and plan ahead.

He hadn't really made any friends since he joined the group save Sepia, who he already had a friendship going with him to begin with. He figured the most sensible thing to do was to form an alliance with him and somebody else. The first person that popped into his head Vermil. Made sense. He was the practical leader of the group and the most normal person here by far. It didn't help that he also wanted to be friends with him just for the hell of it. All of  his other friends were either really old and retired, or too busy to hang around with.

Using his gadget, Wehc made good time getting back to the hut before anybody could start to worry about him. He entered the hut and said, "Fujitsu's fine. He's just worried about his pokemon." Of course it was a lie (okay, maybe not a complete lie, seeing that Fujitsu would normally be worried for him pokefriends), but he couldn't blow Darkitsu's cover like that; he was trying not to make the group worry about him.

He walked over to Vermil and sat down right next to him.

"Ey, Vermil. How's it going?"

The End

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