Dragons: Heaven: Katamari Dama-what?

A.K.A.: Longsword


"Ego, where the hell did you get this stuff?" groaned Constance, who was now in an intense struggle to free her hand from her back.

"A magician never tells his secrets. You know that."

"You put us in jeopardy, and I'll make sure you live the rest of my unlife in misery and pain."

Krystal blinked. "'Unlife'?"

"Again, long story," Roy muttered.

Ego, ignoring Krystal and Roy, stared squarely into Constance's face for a moment, forming a derelict grin on his face. "Oh, will you, now?"

"...Screw you."

"Sheesh, what's with the hostility?"

Constance simply furrowed her eyebrows.

"Now, now, you can't stay mad at me forever."

"I'm willing to give it a shot."

At that moment, Id popped in. "...Ego, I know you enjoy torturing the hell out of Conscience, but don't you think it's time for you two to start getting along?"

Both Ego and Conscience each raised an eyebrow. "Like hell."

"Meh...it was worth a shot."

Roy, heaving a short sigh, pulled the fly paper from Constance's back, freeing her arm. However, she reflexively slapped Roy in the face trying to pull her arm back into a neutral position. And, since the fly paper was still attached to her arm, it was now stuck to Roy's face.

"...Murphy, damn you and your law."

Ego, crossing his arms in a sense of accomplishment, watched as the sticky mess grew in a Katamari-ish fashion, 'assimilating' small objects around it.

"And, that, folks, is how you make a Retarded Katamari."

The End

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