Dragons: Heaven: Dues Ex Machinma Times Two

Krystal who had been put into her uniform while she was asleep--much to her dismay starts to inspect it--after she crawls out of the lake. It was a standard cloth uniform. No major trackers were in it. Well--this would work.. she guessed. Krystal thought about what that black haired girl said. About them dropping our supplies in several different spots because we would need them. What was she talking about?

Krystal could not help but to think there was something wrong with her. The black haired girl's smile seemed to be a twisted one--curling up towards the left. Her face was slightly assymetrical. Her right hand and left foot acted like they were numb.

Krystal's next thoughts went to--how did they get in? I mean--there are usually doors and what not--I mean it is not like people could teleport--

Krystal was in Roy's hut. Constance was there. Roy and Constance looked over shocked, "what?! Krystal?"

Krystal looks around, "uh--how did I get here?"

Krystal looks at where she was--well there was a closed door behind her. She looks around shocked--as if lost, "oh sorry--I must have been too lost while trying to figure out how they got us into here. My mind must have wondered when I entered here. Sorry--I should knock next time."

The little joker man that floated around Roy--who seemed to be guarding Constance jokes, "hah! They were just distracted by my genius. We did not even hear the door open."

Constance looks over, at Ego, at Roy and at Krystal, "It would be best if we thought about this together. Roy has gotten fairly good with mechanics thanks to various technical malfunctions back stage."

Roy just laughs nervously, "naw--it was mostly just lighting and rigging goof ups I had to deal with."

Constance punches him in the arm, "tell Krystal about trap door 83."

Roy laughs, "oh--that? It was nothing. Just a trap door that the theatric department lost after a few productions."

Krystal tilts her head, "you lost a trap door?"

The smaller Roy appears, eating his usual Ramen, "yeah, the unpaid vacation time from Pichu is only a small amount of the injuries Roy has had. They keep him on, because he never sues the company."

Roy laughs, "yeah, I had gotten so far into the orchestrated piece. Mr. Italianno Fatso had been back stage dealing with affairs. I found the door by accident."

Constance laughs, "he was just so amazed at finding the new room, that he did not even take the injury pay they offered him."

Krystal thinks for a bit, "new plan. Roy--you, Constance and I will walk around together. Naturally the universe will decide that our glory is in mockery of the other lesser awesomes around--and decide to strike us down. Leading us out."

Ego laughs, "I like how she thinks. Though--I only agree for Roy and Krystal. Constance here mostly is struck down because of the large kick me sign the universe has put onto her back." Ego says while slapping Constance on the back.

Constance reaches back to grab what she thinks is yet another kick me sign, "very funny Ego.", only to find Ego slapped industrial strength fly paper onto Constance's back--getting her hand stuck there.

Ego tosses aside the wrapping-evidence was redundant now, "what? I am the nice guy here. I make people smile~" his grin growing at that last one.

Roy gets up, "well okay--we have two goddesses of time here--may as well initiate dues ex machinma, right?"

Krystal clings to the side of Roy and Constance just floats next to him trying to remove her hand from her back.

The End

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