Dragons: Heaven: Sootopolis

"Sepia... where are we?"
Sepia couldn't see anything.

"Where ARE we?!"
It was blurry. Unclear. Less than ideal.

"I think..." He sat up. The cold stone floor beneath him was damp and dirty, and he worried that sleeping on it for too long would have a less than desirable effect. "I think this is the worst place we could be..."
He slowly  stood up, his body weak with exhaustion. His sleep had not been pleasant - nothing about it had been. After being electrocuted, the group was put on sedatives mid-transport. Likely, he thought, to prevent them working out exactly where they were going. But why? Sootopolis was famous. The largest penal colony on the planet... 

"So, you're awake." A tired looking man was coming into view. Old, but not ancient. Mid 40's. Graying hair. Signs of age all over. A stressful life.
"Cerulean Tam." Sepia could see perfectly now. Adjustment was a simple task. "That makes alot of sense."

Cerulean stood at the entrance to a cave - Sepia and the others stood (and, for some, lay) inside. He motioned for them to leave. "The cave of origin is not a hospitable place. I recommend you find shelter outside."
Sepia laughed at the irony.

"Who's this now?" Roy asked, puzzled. 

"Allow me," Wehc said, smiling. "This is Cerulean Tam.  Owner of Attara TV. Or, at the very least, former owner. If we're where I think we are, then he's been ousted by force."

"Then were are we?!" Fujitsu blurted out.

"Sootopolis Penal Colony. An inhospitable place surrounded by water. You will find yourselves without your Pokemon or possessions. I hope you're enjoying the standard issue uniforms." Cerulean smiled a weak smile, one that betrayed years of disappointment and repression.

"I could just float out..." Krystal lightly spoke, before floating upwards and out. The group left the cave in time to see her fall to into a small lake. 

"This whole area is built around an extinct volcano. Rocket was nice enough to set an electrical barrier above us, preventing anything from getting in or out. Nobody can rescue you here." 
"Well, that's never stopped me before." Sepia smiled widely. "I don't think we have to worry, help IS on its way."

"Oh really?" Cerulean smiled weakly once more and began to hobble away. "That's what everyone else here said. Nobody leaves. Have fun trying though."

Sepia smiled again, and Max knew it was uneasy. Unsettled.

The End

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