Dragons: Into Purgatory

Krystal--still naked... and trying to cover herself up, by hiding behind Roy--along with somebody who apparently was named Constance. Who was also naked. Constance, when she had first appeared had her hair sopping wet for some reason. Constance and Krystal were both given blankets when they were taken out of the building they were in. This was after they had been handcuffed. Krystal's hands were cuffed together--with a short steel bar inbetween. Her legs where chained together--with a chain leading to the hand cuffs. She had a collar around her neck--which was chained to Roy. Constance was also chained to Roy too. There were also cuffs and chains around Krystal's thighs. They all ended up having muzzles put onto their faces.

There were cameras and Tv crews everywhere. Team Temporal had been captured. Their latest attempt to detonate, yet another building, had been foiled by Rocket Logistics.

Krystal had a funny feeling she was to be labeled as a ecoterrorist--or something. She starts screaming out--as well, it could not really help at this point? I mean, she was muzzled. May get something for the news papers maybe? She ends up getting a stun gun butt to the face. She tries to head butt back. Pulling Roy and Fujitsu who was chained behind her. Resulting in her being rifle butted again.

After being filed past a crowd of reporters who had taken way too many pictures of her in a blanket for her comfort--that walk took way too long. There are helipads on the roof--why did they have to walk down the street to the chopper?

She was filed into the military copter, with some people pointing stun weapons at her and her friends. Then in front of them a black haired Asian girl walks in front of them. She was in a Rockets Psionic Division uniform. Her hair was shoulder length. Her walk was clumbsy. As she walked out--she gripped a few holding spots--but looked like her right hand had issues grabbing the hold spots. She speaks with a slight slur, "so, this is the infamous Team Temporal? You made quite a stir."

She walks over to Krystal, putting her hand onto Krystals face--feeling it. Then slapping it hard, "especially you--you... you... Mockery!". The girl spits in Krystal's face. Krystal was a little surprised at this. She walks over to Constance, like her left foot was numb. Back handing Constance, looking at her in the eye, saying, "Slut! We should abort you! How dare you bring a child into Sootopoolis?".

She then spits in constants face. Krystal looks over--She was... Krystal looks over to Roy, "What exactly happened in that dimension?"

Roy looks over at Krystal, "Long story--I do not even get it myself... apparently she is you from two more years in the future."

The Asian girl back hands both of them. Before limping back, "there will be no MacGuyvering your way out of this. There is no way in or out of this place after we drop in you with Parachutes--well, maybe. People with child or who have heart problems are the lucky ones. They will die the first. If you do escape--which you won't, there are ships patrolling the waters around the island. Which is in the middle of the ocean. It is essentially a crater of sorts. You will only have issues scaling the sides."

The girls tosses the equipment and Pokemon seized from them in front of them, "by the way? See these? You will need them once you get onto the island. Which is why we will be dumping them in separate spots from where you are. We would not want to be cruel or anything."

Constance looks down at one, "Uh--Waffles... help?"

Krystal heard a voice from the back of her mind, "Nope, busy."

Constance asks again, "doing what exactly?!"

"Making toast."

The Asian girl stumbles out of the area they are in--picking up the equipment psionically and putting it into a few bins. It did not have a parachute--just some padding on the sides. She does not turn, but only says, "you will be arriving soon. Good bye thorns."

She exits, with two floating female Rocket Psionics Soldiers standing guard on the door.

The End

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