Dragons: Hell: Solid Mahogany Desk

Roy and Krystal Constance were on the boat. The naming of this wonderfully whiny and emotional brat who had produced a demon child was wonderfull--

"Ego--quit narrating," shot Constance at Ego.

Anyways, upon Roy and Krystal entering the ship. The crew's moral went through the roof. The passengers started wanting to take on anything. Ego did not even have to do his famous magic trick. That is always a party favourite. Should have done it anyways--get them into a real frenzy.

"Ego, Get on with it." Id said, sitting there eating a bowl of Miso Ramen.

The crew and passengers took the boat into the centre of the storm, "I am still scared--I... I am not Krystal... how?" the imposter complained, before shooting a glare over, "Ego...."

"What? I cannot have fun here?"

BANG! CLANK! "We are under attack! The pokemon of the sea! THEY ARE ATTACKING AT KRYGORE'S COMMAND!"

Perfect. This means tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles. Too bad Polaris is not here, I could commis--*SMACK!*, "Ego--T for Teen... at the very most."

Constance and crew rush out to the deck. A large Tentacruel was standing on the side of the ship. Octillary were firing beams from vantage points. A Vaporean was running around attack sailors. Their eyes--they were all red. *SHUNK!* An icicle just shot at them, missing but barely--from a Cloyster that was standing on the top of higher deck.

"Uh--Roy... pull out your P*DA, you too Constance. I have been waiting for some time to do this," Ego says, as he rubs his hands in his usual genius like manner. This would turn out nicely.

Both Roy and Constance do so. Ego, in his ultimate wisdom and grace floats over to Roy's P*DA and points at a button, "Click this to survive."

Ego, then floats over to Constance, rolling his eyes. So much better than her. What with her perfect figure, deeply passionate eyes and firey red hair. I mean--naturally Ego was better. He points out the buttons in a way that surely even Constance, "I got it Ego--you do not need to rub it in."

Ego puts a lotion bottle into Constance' purse. She will find it hilarious when she, "No, I won't. That is kind of sad, really."

The two sinful love birds in their last act of defiance push the buttons. The pokeballs containing Waffles, the Slowpoke, and Hypno, the Polywhirl glow a little. Before shooting over to where the other was. Waffles' pokeball opens up in Constance' hand. Ego, naturally telling Constance--as she would not know, "Looks like your Waffles is evolving! Duh! Duh! Duh! Waffles Evolved into Slowking."

In true regal wonder the Slowking laughs, "damn right!", followed by a laugh that echoed through Constance' mind--eye widening in what Ego knew to be great joy, letting out a slight whimper--jibbering a few words about "no... eyes in the darkness...". She stood there--holding herself shivering. Goosebumps all over her skin.

Ego did good here. He floats over to Roy, whose Pokeball opens, revealing a Polywhirl, "Looks like your Hypno is evolving! Duh! Duh! Duh! Doo doo doo! Hypno evolved into Polytoad!", Ego added a quick, "all hail Hypno the Polytoad! HAIL HIM DAMMIT!"

Duke and Spark left their pokeballs as well. As did an Espeon and a Delcatty. Surprising Constance that she had some competence to her. Ego floats over to Constance landing on her shoulder, "what are you doing here, Ego?"

"Oh--well, without Waffles or you in Roy's mind--I really have nothing to do. Figured that Waffles would still need training--"

"Hah! Keep fooling yourself. It amuuuuses me." Waffles interrupts... clearly having pulled off a Trick Room already.

"Anyways, I figured I would hang around you--for Waffles sake you understand, of course."

"Bitches just cannot get enough of me--you know you want Waffles." Waffles said--in the full truth of the matter.

The battle ensues--Duke, the Arcanine firing shots all over. Spark the Pichu electrocuting what he can. Hypno the Polytoad hypnotising and controlling enemies against each other. Waffles the Slowking just watching the carnage, smiling. Snookums, the Delcatty doing mostly Helping Hand, Assist, Charm and Copy Cat. Though Ego could have sworn that Snookums did Covet at least once. Collaborator the Espeon was doing mostly Protect, Future Sight, Signal Beam, Psychic and Shadow Ball.

The mess was a delightful chaotic mess. Ego turns and looks into the air--as a single tentacle of the Tentacruel came crashing down onto the deck--tearing the SS Catherine into two. Everything was tearing apart. The world was swarming around them.

Roy and Constance woke up in an office.


Krystal was following Mewvander down the underground catacombs. She enters a door way after Mewvander--she felt like she was being torn apart. Like--like her skin was being pulled off. It--it--it hurts!

She screamed. She fell down onto the floor in an office. Her psionic training armour having gone flying off into shards and pieces in a psionic explosion of travel. She looks around--the parts... they must have either incinerated... or fell off on the way to the office. She covers up her modesty as best she can.

A mishmash mosiac of electronic circuitry on parts of her body. The barcode on her arm--and not much else covering her. Her helmet was torn up and battered next to her feet.

The End

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