Dragons: Hell: When it Acid Rains

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Roy looked out the Limo window. Krystal Conscious had fallen crying asleep in his arms. Outside reflected much the same. Ego and Id were standing on the window--looking outside. "This is not natural rain is it?" Id turned to ask Ego.

"No--it is not. Only one thing could be causing this--"

"You mean..."

"Yes-- Drizzle."

"But why?"

* * *

"Wake up-- Doctor, it is imperative you wake up."

Krystal groggily rolls over and sits up. She grabs the Psychic Ball--trying to get her mind together. "Good--doctor. Unfortunately, the cave I have suggested was not sufficient enough for long needs."

"It is still day time. Sun will not be down for a few hours."

"The sun is not in the skies--and I fear it will not be for some time.":

Krystal floats over to the entrance of the cave--and watches a rather extreme form of acid rain. She pulls out her two Pokemon balls--looks at Styx--says a few things to it that not even she could translate into something resembling sane speak. Styx answers back--it was a very specific Pokemon Ability that caused this. Krystal turns, "uh--I thought you said the Legendary Pokemon in charge or Landmass, Oceans, Updrafts and Downdrafts were not here."

"It is true thar Krygore is not here. However, events elsewhere are crossing into these pocket dimensions. This structure will collapse soon. There is a cellar door to your right. It will lead to some catacombs."

Krystal floats over--Psychic Ball floating around her. Opens the cellar door. "Is there any way I could talk to Roy--I want to know if he is okay or not."

* * *

"That is pretty far from okay! You mean--the cruise ship's been forced to port?!?? Why?!", asked a man in front of the Ticket Counter to get onto the SS Catherine.

"Look--you think it is raining badly here? Try out in the middle of the Ocean--they are going mad with fury. I mean--look at them--we cannot set sail."

The man throws the tickets into the trash, and stomps off away from the Harbour to town.

Roy walks and Krystal Conscience floats up to the counter, Roy looks over at the man, "you are still taking lodging there? My wife just got some rather shocking news--she may need to rest it off."

"Mr and Mrs MacKealan--welcome aboard!"--the man turns and shouts into his mic, "Hooray! We have Royal MacKealan, and his absolutely glowingly beautiful bride, Krystal. We will send them up--maybe they can lead us to Krygore! Afterwards--get a Baby Shower ready amongst the other female guests. Krystal deserves it!"

Krystal Conscious gasps, blushing a little. The sailor turns to her, "Ma'am when you have been a sailor as long as I have, you tend to notice this stuff. We usually call it, 'the cast off glow'.", the Sailor runs off to help deal with a few things.

Krystal Conscious looks at Roy, "you mean-- they can tell?! I am not able to hide this?"

Ego floats over to Krystal Conscious, "I think it should worry you more, that they think you actually are Krystal--and will try to solve things accordingly."

Krystal Conscious just gazed out into space. Her eyes looking blank. A form of horrified look was on her face.

The End

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