Dragons: Hell: The Nightmare Breaks


RockXIII, February 16th, 2010

Fujitsu and the captain had been sailing for some time now. When they departed, Fujitsu took note at how high the sun was. It was high more to the west than any other direction, and it seemed to be the hottest part of the day. He knew that meant it was around two o' clock; that's always the warmest time of day pretty much always. Right now, however, the sun was close to poking the horizon, the colors of orange, pink, and green were starting to inhabit the sky, and the shadows were becoming much, much longer. More so than it normally should. Something definitely wasn't right.

<Fujitsu... I've got a bad feeling about this,> Darkitsu thought to Fujitsu.

Fujitsu, who was standing near the port bow decided to come inside with the old seadog to take a seat. It was becoming chilly.

Fujitsu thought back, <I know. Then again, it could have been the dirt that I ate in Mindscrew Central.>

"You ate dirt?" Dark asked, stating it more than anything, forgetting to use telepathy.

Fujitsu put on an innocent face and inquired, "Well what's wrong with that? It gave me so much energy and tasted like awesome."

"Are you mentally retarded or something?!" said Darkitsu, exasperated.

The host thought about it, putting a finger up to his lips. "Why yes. I daresay I am."

The Aspect facepalmed the body's face. "That would explain so many things...." he muttered.

A laugh issued from the captain right then. It was a raspy laugh, but you could tell that he was enjoying the conversation. Perhaps a bit too much. Fujitsu smiled at the beginning of his laughter, but the expression turned into slight shock when the laugh grew harder, darker. The captain kept laughing; he would stop. As the laugh continued, it became more... evil, sinister, INSANE. Fujitsu was really on edge now. He was standing up, preparing his pokeballs.

"...!!! Oh, NO...!" grunted Darkitsu, laying a hand over the face.

The laughter ceased. "Oh, YES...." the seadog sighed. He turned around, and as he did so, his body began to morph. "It took awhile to completely get through your defenses, but now the nightmare can begin...."

Fujitsu rolled his eyes up into his skull, as if trying to find Dark in it. "Nightmare...!? Do-does that mean...?"

The aspect grinned grimly. "Yeah. Sorry Fujitsu, but it looks like you're going to have to face your worst fears, and I'm all out of energy for no reason. It's all up to you; don't break."

"oH, HE' lL BREAK, All riGht..."


(10 hours later [dimension time])

Fujitsu was just laying down, unmoving, on a twisted, inky blackness called the ground, his eyes vacant, the color drained from his face, and big, puffy, swollen red eyes. After what he had seen, he hadn't the will to move. Hell, it'd be a miracle if he still had a will at all. Ten straight hours of his most fearful nightmares had left its mark.

In front of him, a clown was shrieking his head off from the "hilarity" that he caused. "GYAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...! SEE!? I TOlD yoU THAT He would Brek!!!"

He was speaking to Darkitsu, who had clearly overestimated Fujitsu's ability to truly keep his sanity, didn't respond. He wasn't affected like Fujitsu was, those not being his worst fears, but he certainly felt sick. It didn't help that he blamed himself for all of this.

The clown calmed down, and as he did, the world returned to normal. They had somehow returned to the middle of Calar City, back on the bridge, where they started before.

"Well," said the clown. "looks like my work here is done. As much as I would love to watch this crippled sonuvabitch just lay there, it's about time I get out of here.

Nothing responded.

He paused. Then, he took out the badge from the Ritchog Vale Gym and tossed it onto the body's head. "A little present," he said. "It won't do you much good, but who cares."

Then, all of a sudden, Fujitsu's body started glowing. If it weren't for his missing will, he would have had the sensation of traveling.

"Ha, looks like you're leaving before me. Well, I wonder how your friends will react when they see how broken you are!!! GAH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!"

For a couple of seconds, Fujitsu just lay there, not ever waiting for what would happen next, then, just vanished.

The End

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