Dragons: Hell: Sunnova Devil!

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Roy was unable to enjoy the ceremony that was after. Both he and Krystal Conscience kept looking at each other--trying to figure out what they would do. Though, most of the people at the ceremony took this to be a cute interaction of the new couple. As, if anybody has had anything resembling a torturous life--it was Mr. and Mrs. MacKealan. They kept getting told that their problems were over. That they need to relax. There honey moon aboard the SS Catherine should be the vacation they needed. Mrs. MacKealan really needs to relax--as she is going for her Doctorate.

"Hey--Roy, relax. The fighting is over."

"You can finally get on with your lives."

"Hey? *hic* When you do it... *hic* is it like having sex in space?" that one was said by a guest who had abused the free bar a little bit too much.

The ceremony was over--Stoenn leads Roy to the one of the most beautiful limos Roy had ever seen. His jaw dropped. Stoenn looks over, "I know you seem to despise limos for some reason you never say. Figured I would pull some strings. Go the extra mile to try to get your opinion of Limos to change. I mean, it is my sister that you are wedding. I cannot have you going off in that station wagon."

Krystal Conscience and Roy climb inside in with great awe of the whole beauty of it. It even had minor flight capabilities. The get into the back. The driver, flips a switch, "hey--I am just going to give you two love birds some privacy."

The windows all tinted. Roy and Krystal Conscience looked at each other. Ego appears laughing and dancing, "oh! This is rich! I do not know how this could be made any better."

As if, on cue, Krystal Conscience's P*DA starts ringing. "Uh--let me get that."

"Bad form there. How did you get to be this much of a tart doing stuff like that?"

Krystal flips up the P*DA open, to read the email. "Oh--must be one of the Doctor's Krystal is working with for research. The subject is about some results coming in--I think it should have waited"

"Well, then, read it later. You two would be much more happy in your deviant ways. Come on--make with the Hedanism--like you two only can."

"Roy, tell Ego that he is not anywhere near as funny as he thinks he is."

She reads more of the email. Eyes getting bigger. The shock kept growing and growing. Until the P*DA drops from her hands. Roy looks over at his wife, "what is it?". Roy puts his hands on her upper arms.

She only keeps looking rather distant. "Roy--tell Ego to grab a really long pencil. We need to perform a magic trick."

"Oh no! That precious miracle is a living thing--and deserves as much rights as any living thing. I hope you can understand why I think Conscience should be exempt."

Id appears out of no where, "that is really big of you--I did not think you admired miracles like that."

"Oh--it is a miracle that the two made a devil child with their inappropriate acts. I think I will train this one. Much like I trained Conscience.", Ego turns to Roy, "Oh--By the way, we will need to get a laboratory in the middle of a corn field. Hmm--names. If its a boy, we need to call him Damion. If it s a girl, I am thinking Lucy."

"We are not naming this kid Lucy or Damion!" Krystal Conscious screams before breaking down crying in Roy's lap.

Id walks onto the floor and looks up the crying bride in Roy's lap, "look-- that is not your body, is it?"

"*sob*... no...?" Krystal Conscious looks up--make up running more than a little.

"It is Krystal's body, right?"

"Maybe...?" Krystal Conscience sniffles and wipes her nose.

"So, it is Krystal's and Roy's child--not yours and Roy's, then?"

Krystal Conscience sobs and wails out, "IT IS EVEN WORSE!"

Ego, floats up above Id's shoulder, looking down at Id, "There you go, you had to remind her, that she is the surrogate mother to her brother and sister-in-law's child. Chosen simply because of her resemblance to her sister-in-law. It is kind of a shame--I was hoping for webbed feet. I mean--imagine how good she'd be as a water trainer? Hmm--I think we shall give Lucy an Azurill or if it is Damion Poliwag."

And so began the longest limo ride Roy ever had. Roy decided that he would never use a Limo again.

The End

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