Dragons: Hell: Here Comes The Clone Bride

January 17th, 2009

Roy was standing in front of the altar. The suit he had on looked like something from his theatrical departments costume centre. This looked like something from that rather overly elaborate opera. All it was missing was a mask or something. He looked up and down the suit. It was not black--instead a very deep blue. White stripes went up the sides of his sleeves and pant legs. He had applets on his shoulders--or that is what he thought they were. The collar, as pretentious as he felt like this, was up. He had white gloves. His jacket had a tail. He had a gold chain on the left side of his coat. His slacks where rather normal cuts--unlike the rest of this monkey suit. His shoes were rather uncomfortable. Polished and very shiny. But rather uncomfortable none the less.

Popo--who was in just about as ridiculous of an outfit. Was standing there. Roy never really called his stares vacant. He knew far better than that. What were those evil beady little eyes...

"Conscience! Quit that!", Roy heard Id yell out.

"What? You know Popo is after us--he means to kill us all!" Conscience shouted back.

"Look, I have had enough of your paranoid self hating. I mean, it was kind of amusing to watch you and Ego duke it out. But now, I do not want you--"

Roy turns, he is in a black void. All he sees is Conscience go flying off into the distance--like she is being torn away. Roy knows she should be screaming--but he cannot hear it.

"Good riddance! It is so good that she has now been so nicely replaced with the Waffles, the Slowpoke."

"Roy--I am not too late?"

Roy turned--he knew that voice... he did not know where or why. He turns. A small girl in a summer dress, carrying a book and a flower was skipping to him. She looked around, "Where is you sister? Shoot--she did not leave this world."

"Uh--might I ask who or what you are talking about?"

"Roy, you are not a psychic. Your sister however was."

"But--then... what?"

"Your dead sister who you can talk with, was the psychic. You are just able to converse and direct their abilities. Where there are other flowers, you simple help grow them. However, this world, does not have fertilizer to grow flowers. You have-- "

Roy quickly pulls himself together. Not... again... who ever that weird girl was, he did not want to be her mouth piece again... never... the music starts playing up. Krystal should be coming down the aisle soon. Roy turns his head to see... no--it cannot be... not her!

Ego simply looks over, lets a, "oh, this is rich!" and laughs--as could the laugh of Popo be heard in his mind.


Conscience had finally left her brother's body. The body that she had held onto for so long. She really did not know why she hung around so long. Her life was short, yes--what did she expect to accomplish. So, she was now dead. She may as well open her eyes to see her final resting place.

It was gorgeous! Beautiful. Flowers every where. Bells and other decorations. She was even floating on air. She felt like she as wearing the most elegant clothes. It was such a nicer dress than what Roy was wearing for a suite. She turns to look at the mirror. Her wonderful red hair. Her wonderful white flowing dress. There was a knock on the door--and Stoenn Spectrum comes it, tosses Conscience a veil and a bouquet of flowers, "we are on!"

Conscience was pulled out of her room, and over to Private Dwayne Spectrum. "You look so beautiful, Krystal. *sniff*. Between your brother's work and that of the Terrut Theatre department, this day turned out so well."

Conscience did not get a chance to look around, when she found herself looking at Roy, at the other end of the aisle to the altar.

The End

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