Dragons: Hell: Roy's Roof is on FlameThrower

January 9th, 2010

The terminal of Daemon Private 3266 beeped. She got mail from headquarters. It was probably a list of her latest inane tasks. While she likely the idea of being a member of the Daemon Army at first--it had gotten old. She day dreamed of that wonderful person moving up the ranks of Rocket Logistics quickly. The idea of being Mrs. Viridian Giovanni made her swoon a little. Though, she did get jealous of that Deliah girl.

She clicked open the mail--and stood up and jumped around. Her order of a transfer came in. She was to be Giovanni's partner in couriering! She transfer was to be active tomorrow. She would be talking to Viridian about going somewhere to celebrate.


Mewvander had bashed aside many of the stealth soldiers with her spoon. She was leaning on it. Krystal had dug around in her bag. "Aha! I have been trying to find this since I could not walk". Krystal pulled out a small oddly coloured Pokeball with a small eye on it.

Mewvander looks over, "wait--where did you get a Psychic Ball?"

The ball floats out of Krystal's hand and beside Mewvander's head, "Especially one that is linked to me--but not until the future. You were not on New Island."

A leaf storm appears behind Mewvander, "oh--that was me."

Mewvander does not turn around but just looks down, "Aren't you suppose to be with the Scribe and Jiroid."

Daebi floats over to meet Mewvander and Krystal, "oh--I am there right now. I come here in the future. It is good that you two have met up, and Krystal has found the Psychic Ball linked to you. Though, to properly study it to help restore the state of Pokeball technology, you could transfer the control over to her"

Mewvander looks over to Daebi and the Psychic Ball floated over to Krystal, "yes, Doctor has done quite some good work on the Daemon Balls. This ball would truly be best used to study to fix the capsule issues."

Krystal started to float in the air. She had regained her levitate ability. Daebi floated away, "good--you have learned to use it as a decent focus for you psychic abilities.". Daebi had disappeared as the leaves slowly fell off of her--leaving only her smile.

Mewvander looks over to Krystal, "Celetwo is a sucker for the dramatic effects. Anyways--the sun will be coming up soon. There is shelter over there"

Krystal turned her head and there was indeed a shelter. She could sense it.


Roy woke up--there was burn marks on the ceiling as he looked up. "Uh--Ego... why is the ceiling crispy."

Ego, waking up rubbing his eyes, "oh--you were using Flame Thrower in your sleep, Roy."

Roy blinks, "I will ask about it later--", Roy say that he was still in his and Krystal's house.

"Well--today is the big day. I took plenty of time out to train Slowpoke to be the best best man ever. Pull out your P*DA to see my work."

"P*DA?" Roy turns to see a P*DA on his night stand. He picks it up. What did Ego train Popo to have.... lets see... Flame Thrower... Psychic... Teleport... Trick Room... Nasty Plot... Dream Eat... Pay Day?

Ego--noting Roy's confusion, "yeah--found a TM-12 around the house. It contained Pay Day."

Roy fell back, and looked up at the burn marks on the roof. Well at least he would be well protected today.

The End

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