Dragons: Hell: The Mole Men

G-Man Shawn had written down the notes he needed from Stoenn. Most of it contained a lot of the events that had happened. Information on that power armour with Rocket Logistics logos on it--something that had not been invented yet. These "aspects" which are rather far from perfect fusions of human and Pokemon. A large amount of these came from nightmares the CEO's sister had. A lot of it came true--it was about half way through.

Shawn sits down in a chair. Sort of slumped. He went over his notes. The issue was, nobody is going to believe him. Not without proof. Shawn had been mixing a large amount of fiction in with his truth. I mean, it made the whole thing sound a lot better. Most of the time he had no proof to begin with--so rather than simply try to create a panick, he would entertain.

Shawn had just one issue here. As much as Stoenn was fairly shrewd with his business practices, he knew nothing how to properly use the technology. The security measures Stoenn had done were generally not that good--as the whole dark net was flawed on many levels. He just hoped that Network had been watching.

It was quite obvious that it was his sister--well... sisters--that was the technological portion of his success. Now, there was a whole army of them. Why did the message come through so clearly? I mean, he had Gozer watching the whole thing as he played it along--there were no major cinematographic signs that it had been tampered with. No sign of it being flat out faked.

Why did the Daemon Army let it through?

Shawn pulls out a pen and paper. As much as the computer made this stuff easier to edit and send out, Shawn having a psychic for a mother still had the appreciated for this more manual method of getting his thoughts out.

The main issue was locating Team Temporal. Then setting up methods to get supplies to and from them. The other nodes would not be able to be seen during this--he had no right to demand that they do this. Perhaps if he tried to figure out how things could happen after these course of events.

Hmm--what would happen to Stoenn in a bit, when his sisters, the Daemon Army came to his club after he had rejected them. Shawn rubs the scar from an old surgery that he had for some injury on his head he could not really remember that well...


Daemon Captain 5807 had sent the tape to be processes by the other Daemon Army members. But first, she made some minor edits to the recorded copy. Interrupting the transmission itself would only serve to cause issues. This was unacceptable and she wanted everybody--and everybody, on her side.

She slumped in her chair a bit and adjusted her head set. She turns to see Leader walk in.

His hair was long, and a light blue colour. He had what could be called a goatee--looked more like he ate some syrup covered pancakes and kissed a cat. It only covered the bottom of his chin. His upper lip really did not have much. It lightly covered his jaw line. From just covering his chin and half of either side of his jaw. The light facial hair was black. Suggesting that his light blue hair was dyed.

He wore a long lab jacket, undone. He had the collar on his lab jacket flipped up. His safety glasses were UV tinted, and form fitted to his face. His shirt was plain and nondescript. His pants were rather baggy--but a flat colour. His boots where a slick black, and very plain.

He looked like one of those over top scientist designed to look cool from an Anime. Mind you, he did not look that out of place here. The only thing that could identify him as Leader was the outfit and the hair.

But still, he did the whole cool scientist look. It was generally a joke for the Daemon Army to over play how formal they were when they talked to him.

Instead however, she sneered at him. He laughed a little, "look it was not my idea to build a clone harem--of course I am going to be rather indifferent to you."

Leader walked a little bit and accidentally stubs his toe. He shakes his foot a little. Leader, adjusts his UV tinted safety glasses. "Is there any reason you allowed that message to go through?"

"I wanted to have Stoenn to say as much as he could to get my sisters to know that he is not to be trusted."

Leader turns and heads to the door, "okay--good. Playing the politics... I will ask that Lady Void gives you a promotion 5807."


Leader had gotten out of the room. She had done what he could not. He put his hand onto the wall, and leaned onto the wall, and simply sighed, "Thank Network."

He walks to his office. And sits in his chair. How did Rocket Logistics become Team Rocket. Was went wrong with the company he was in. If he could, he would just cut the nondisclosure agreement crap and send more information to the other nodes.

However, even if he could not leak information, his work here, was helping, if only accidentally, more than his own loss of a job would help.


Ego lets out a slight moan, "And from the frying pan of bad cultural references, and into the fire"

Conscience was out of the cake coated costume, and in a not quite all hat sensible business type outfit. I mean, had Conscience not been a mental conjuring, her chest likely would have popped out of that blouse easily. The outfit was rather tight. The tie going down between the whole poppily mess was a rather comic effect Ego noted to himself. The jacket was several sizes too small, and she was wearing what could only be tights that loosely resembled slacks.

She continues to comb her long hair, "I thought you only broke the fourth wall when somebody stubbed their toe?"

"oh I do, after the comment about building a harem of girls that he is indifferent to he stubbed his toe--I mean, it is only logical. You do know about logic right?"

Conscience only turns away from Ego, and continues to take care of her hair.

The End

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