Dragons: Hell: Daetwo's Heaven

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Jezibelle had woken up. Between her new treatment of cloned blood and Golbat venom, and her abilities to meditate instead of sleep, she was very oddly well rested. She really had not much to clean up in Lady Kiss' room, as it never really got that messy. She lay down in Lady Kiss' bed--she felt comfortable here. Lady Kiss groggily opened her eyes. Lady Kiss pushed Jezibelle off the bed with a lot of force. Lady Kiss seemed a little groggy as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. "How long did I sleep?"

Jezibelle having gotten up partially, still mostly on the floor, and rubbing her back side. "milady, you have been asleep for three hours--quite a bit longer than usual."

"I had the worst nightmare ever."

Jezibelle was sitting kneeling, "what is it?"

"Oh, it was about how--", Lady Kiss stopped suddenly and looked at Jezibelle. Jezibelle could see that she was scared to say something to Jezibelle, "it was just a dream. A bad one--it will not happen. I will not let it."

Jezibelle found that she was being psionically lifted onto Lady Kiss' lap. Lady Kiss brushed aside some of Jezibelle's hair, "now then, let us enjoy the time we do have together--as fleeting as the current events seem to have it".

Jezibelle blushed a little--and started to feel dizzy from it.


Roy--was tossing and turning. Sleep was not coming easy. He was the only person in this world. It did not seem fair that he was doing this whole story. I mean, this did require something from him--ergo he was creating this story, right? It was painful that not only would force Krystal to marry him, but he also started arbitrarily deciding stuff for her. I mean, she never had a sister--or at least not one that was ever mentioned in any memory he had on Titan Co.

Roy sat up. Conscience was laying in one table drawer, with Id in another just slightly below. Ego and Popo had somehow gotten Conscience into a Harley Quinn outfit. With an overly elaborate cake throwing machine rig. More in that it would fling Conscience once she woke up, across the room, and into a cake that had been propped up. The cake was shaped as a small skitty. Roys looks back and forth, "Ego, what in Turnback Cave did you do--"

Somehow, due to various previous incidents, that phrase caused Conscience to wake up gasping--causing her to go flying screaming into the skitty shaped cake. Making a a splattery mess of raspberry and strawberry filling spill all over the room. Id wakes up, "oh... my... Spectrum... so much... blood..."

Ego was laughing his ass off, dancing around as he was laughing. Popo may have been laughing--but it was hard to tell. Even for Slowpokes, Popo had an odd laugh. Generally it was heard more in the depths of your mind, rather than from Popo himself. Roy rubs his eyes, "is Popo wearing the King's Rock?"

Ego gets up right away, dusting his pants off, "well, yeah, I took the liberty of, yeah, giving Waffles the move Trick Room, taking initiata--oh Waffles crown? Do not worry about that--it is not important."

Conscience, who looked rather horrified until she learned it was cake filling she was covered in, "you did what? Shouldn't you do something really crazy like ask first?"

"Oh--all in my requirements for your exorcism. Act now, get the second half off." Ego turns to Id, "sorry, I kind of like the slowpoke, half of you will need an exorcism"

Conscience narrowed her eyes, "oh please, take a character, and stick with it. We do not need you mixing in Beetleguise with the Joker."


Krystal had started getting a lot more use to walking on her own. She was only partially using psychic dolling to manipulate her legs to walk. It seemed quite a bit more tiring than she rememberd. Floating was tiring for different reasons. It ended up stressing her mind the more she did it. Walking she seemed to do more and not have her mind fog nearly as much. Walking however, her calfs, shins and thighs seemed to hurt quite a bit. She generally had to stop every now and again, and rest. It would be nice if she could heal them--but she did not have the Pokemon move to do that.

Krystal wondered if she could heal herself. As in humans, the healing ability was noted as only being in people from the Viridian Forest region. Even then, it was rare to see. Krystal doubted that there were more than two in a single spot at the same time. Any more would require a large amount of luck and contrived plot manipulation that it was not at all that likely.

They had sat on a rock about halfway through the night. Krystal tried to do a psionic warming exercise--though, they had been out for a while. It would be nice if she had a jacket. "Yes, Doctor, my armour does get a bit chilly on certain night breezes."

Mewvander picked up a small set of rags. Her eyes glowed purple with her aura appear around her. She tossed it aside, "maybe we will chance across something you can wear. Most of the stuff here would be dangerous for you to where, no matter what I try to do with it."

Mewvander pulls out her large psychic spoon, "Doctor, while you rest--we may have to deal with some issues. It appears the illusion has created slavers for us to deal with."

Krystal rolls her eyes, "I would have preferred people of Polish origin."

"Doctor, while you think of something funny to say, I will be busy."

At that Mewvander started knocking spots in the air, causing invisible men in military hazmat suits to appear and fall down. Krystal looked at them, "but none of these invisible men are pink! I have been lied to!"

Mewvander starts to chuckle as she bashes a few more.

The End

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