Dragons: Hell: Stopping the Daemon Army

Decembre 28th, 2009

G-Man Shawn had just gotten back from a run with his Houndoom. He locked up his gate--making a loud racket while closing it. Good--this fence will alert anybody who would come in. He enters his house, and puts he stuff aside. Just in time to see the video phone ringing. He answers--it was the CEO of Titan Co., "uh--this is not about that little rant I did last week was it? I mean--"

"Look, I need to get resources to Team Temporal. Team Network is about the only group I can think of to use."

"Wait--didn't your sister defect to Rocket Logistics"

"That was not my sister. There are a few issues going on. Do you have a notepad handy? Here are the current state of events..."

G-Man Shawn started writing this stuff down.


Daemon Captain 5807 saw the alert line ring. Not only had a video phone account under Stoenn been activated, it was routing its call through a dark net of sorts. Daemon Captain 5807 looked at the number look up that was done. It was to a Team Network phone. She pulls up a query to hear what Stoenn was sending from his end... then look at which exit point on the Dark Net that the Team Network number was connected to. To man in the middle there. Captain 5807 sighed at the fact her brother was dumb enough to think the Dark Net made him safe. With only so many exit nodes, and issues with lookups, it was child's play to get what she needed.

Captain 5807, sighed--she enjoyed listening to Stoenn's voice. Though, she heard more--she was a little alarmed at the fact that Stoenn...

Stoenn had rejected the Daemon Army! His own sisters. She starts to tear up a little. Well--Daetwo would certainly make good use of this. She sniffles a little.


Assistant Medic 4077 was only half heartedly taking the Saline Samples. She would go to that show. Her brother was important to her. But maybe--maybe something was wrong. No, she shook her head. He had just been taken in by Team Temporal. She concluded that she needed to take her samples quicker--and more post haste. Maybe some of the other of the Medics could view the show. Yes, that seems like it would be fun.

Besides, it is pretty hard to stop a member of the Daemon Army when they want something.

The End

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