Dragons: Hell: Ask the Right Questions

Decembre 27th, 2009

Krystal wakes up--not certain what brought her out of sleep. However, she was not groggy or anything. Mewvander was standing at the door, looking outside at the evening wasteland. "Good, you are--Sorry, I do not mean to poke around your mind Doctor, but it is now cool enough to go along the wasteland."

Krystal walks to the door--having just noticed this cave was a fully furnished wrecked building of sorts. "Oh--yeah, these 'caves' are mostly left over structures of a previous time." Mewvander confirms, pushing down the wall to show the building materials used psionically.

Krystal looks around, "why does this house look like it could belong to 'the greatest salesman of all time'? I mean--it is very much like what an Atomic family would live in. I mean, if Palkia could sent me through Time far enough to see a future setting--why are most people here only visual illusions?"

"Ask the right questions--and you will open the right doors. The stage that we are playing on is a weapons testing faculty. In this world, there are some modifications, like certain Pokemon missing, and that addition of Acid Rain, but you are very perceptive to have been able to question it this far. Most of the other details still reflect where you are."

"Am I still in Cyren then?"

"That is not the right question."


Roy had looked through the scrap book, and had it in his back pack. He would need to revise "The Last Few Years" every now and again. He wondered what would happen to the book, if he were to change any elements to it. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" Conscience looked a little sore at Roy, "please--we are in deep enough with this Team Temporal stuff as it is."

Ego starts looking around, rubbing his hands, "I have just got an absolutely brilliant idea."

Id frowns, "No! Ego! That sort of thing is not a plan that you can brush your teeth with!"

Conscience pulls the top hat off of her head, looks at it--not certain where it came from, and put it back onto her head. The door bell rings, Id floats over and opens the door. A young floating girl was standing there and Roy does a double take, "who are you?"

"Oh silly Roy--it is me, Kochanski--your soon to be sister in law. Anyways, people have been mentioning how you have been acting weird. I am mostly here to check up on you. It is getting dark outside, go to bed--I will take care of the chores. It is just so nice to see my older sister, meet somebody as nice as you."


Daemon Captain 5807 was reviewing some panels. She was going over various implementations in place of Daemon's Notebook's entries. Mostly to apply them to their big robotics project. Most of its technology was listed in here--now that it had all but been decrypted. Though, like all entries in here, certain pieces were specifically missing. Other inventions, like the Daemon Balls, were only in place to not disrupt the time line.

Daemon Captain 5807 opens a new window. It was a video of Private Dwayne Spectrum wrestling in a rather elaborate match. DC5807 knew that a large amount was largely improv for the purpose of leading on an audience. It truly was a decent way of entertainment. Some of the items for show were harder to do than others. Yes, it was improv but the amount of work that went into those moves to only bruise and batter, rather than bust and break bones, kind of took it to a "c'est pas le pipe" type level. I mean, it was a performance art-which could be seen as fake... but it could still be appreciated.

DC5807 kind of thought of her memories with her "father", Private Dwayne Spectrum, in them. She knew they were largely for training her--not certain what her own were--but he had taught her a lot about showmanship on various items. She wished she could meet him. She puts slouches and sighs and watches as the heavy weight title was decided in the ring.

The End

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