Dragons: Hell: The Last Few Years

Decembre 23rd, 2009

Mewvander and Krystal had crossed a lot of the wastelands. Krystal noted how horrible this reflection of her world looked. It was largely just one large desert she was in. The trees were mangled and malfigured. Bent completely out of shape. They had a form of look as though they had to deal with a large amount of radiation. It was still dark out--but dawn was coming soon. The trees glowed in the dark. There were a few sludge pits they went past.

Mewvander made certain to avoid most of those. grimers and muks tended to hang around those. They really had no reservations with skinning bones off of humans.

As dawn approached, Mewvander pulled herself and Krystal into a cave. "We will need to rest during the day."

"Shouldn't we find a decent place to be safe first." Krystal looked around and shivered. "I am not really certain I want to sleep in a cave... not here anyways."

Mewvander standing a little bit away from the entrance of the cave, "when the sun comes up, it is going to be unbearably hot. It is best to rest at this time."

Krystal, pulls out the Pokeball labelled Kane, "nonsense--Kane here can help", and out came Kane.

Kane rubbed her eyes--and looked up at Krystal. They had been through a lot in the last two years. Krystal nods, and Kane walks outside the cave to start doing a dance similar to the one Styx had taught her. Kane seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Mewvander looks over in shock, and pulls Kane into the cave with much force. "Do you know what you did?!"

"I made cloud cover."

"You do know what Acid Rain is right?"

Sure enough Krystal looks outside, and every weather condition was happening. Rain, Hail, Sunshine and Sandstorm. Krystal's jaw drops.

Mewvander continues, "Raquaza was killed in the war that created this little world. Groudon and Krygore as well as two others noted for sand storms and hail type conditions ended up going completely out of balance.", Mewvandar opens her hand and extends it to show the bizarre weather conditions, "due to the weaponry used to suppliment anything they could not do with Pokemon or biologically engineering their soldiers, the weather got outright screwed up. Thus, any attempt to control the weather--to change it, would affect Acid Rain."

Krystal calls back Kane, who was just as horrified at this. Mewvander leads them in deeper, "it also was done, to some degree, to negate any the Pokemon that changed form in weather's advantages--this was fatal to the Castforms."

Krystal holds herself a bit. Krystal's research was every where in this world... and being greatly misused.

* * *

Roy was in... his house. He thinks it is his house. It looks so much different. He figured it was his, because a sign out front said, "Roy MacKealan and Krystal Spectrum's house. We have a sign and you do not! Nyaa!"

Roy sat down on the chair. Ego was walking and floating around, marveling at the large amount of decently Feng Shui'd stuff in the place. Turning a few pieces of furniture, opening doors and all that stuff. "Uh--is it really that important to mess with the arrangement of furniture in here?" Conscience asked.

"Quiet! We cannot have everything perfectly Feng Shui'd. This is a guy's house. And the only guys who have stuff all perfectly Feng Shui'd are... well... not us.", Ego said as he turned a picture of Duke and Spark--now a Pikachu holding some weird orb to a decent slant.

"Well, yeah us--it would appear that in whatever this world is, Roy and Krystal are together. Though, even I admit it is odd that everything is Feng Shui'd so perfectly, even with Krystal living here." Conscience sighed.

"This is exactly why it is so suspicious. Clearly we need to work against."

Waffles started going along, correcting all of the issues behind Ego--but slowly. Though not in any way that restored it to a previous state. Just more correct than what Ego did. Ego did not really seem to notice this.

Roy was wandering around--surely there would be pictures of the two of them around here. Something for him to catch up on old times with. He found a photo album--with hearts and stars on it. There were three pictures of him and Krystal hugging on the front. Krystal, now with Red Hair, had her cheek against Roy's. The spine was marked, "The Last Few Years--Both the Good and Bad Times."

Roy starts to leaf through it. Looking at journal entries by Krystal. Collages of the the two of them. Roy wondered if he could take this with him. Perhaps try to stop the bad times from happening.

The End

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