Dragons: Hell: The Inevitable Ghost Nappa Reference

Decembre 22nd, 2009

Mewvander lowers Krystal--she nearly collapses. That was a long chance those Grimers and Muks gave. Despite Krystal having logs of the entire ordeal still did not know how many were after her. There were well beyond a hundred Muks... and only one in ten of the sludge chasing them where Muks. Mewvander looks at the grate, raises her hand sending the grate flying onto the waste lands below the complex wall.

Krystal looks outside the complex, "oh wow... brown... dark... and foggy..."

Mewvander looks over at Krystal, "yes, this is how worlds look in the future. They seem to prefer it this way oddly enough--like this reality is somehow more real than any other possibility out there."

Krystal catches a glimpse of somebody sitting next to the wall--the sensors were pulling in small amounts of light. Krystal walks over, "oh! wow! It is the Name Changer"

He looks up--life here had been hard for him, "oh.. I have a name you know... it is..."

Krystal rummages her belt and pulls out Lumpy's pokeball, "nobody cares, people keep complaining about this Pokemon's nick name--you can tell me it is awesome, right?"

The name change looks at it, "you know... that is a rather abhorrent name. You could have tried a lot better... how about you change it?"

Krystal tilts her head, curious, "okay.. guess they were right... lets go with.. oh I know, we will call him 'Nappa'!"

The name changer looks at the pokeball, puts a small pen onto the ball. The name goes from "Lumpy" to "Nappa".

Krystal says, "thanks! I still need to create one of those devices!"

Krystal and Mewvander climb out of the complex, and start to make their way out on the wastelands.

* * *

Roy had came out of the portal. He looks around... he was back in Terrut... nothing had happened. In fact, he was in the Opera House. There was a full audience for another French Opera star. Feeling a little disorientated, he looks around and panicks.

"I just felt a disturbance in the force.", Ego says with a grimace.

Id nods and answers, "like a thousand efforts to be slightly original cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."

Roy ignores them, getting his barrings, when a chubby hand lands on his shoulder. He turns--it was his old assistant manager, Mister Gordover. He had gotten quite a bit overweight. "Good to see you back from vacation. Your electrical skills and intuition are the best stuff we have had yet. And that Spectrum Woman, what a girl--you truly got a winner."

"Wait... what? I am lost..."

Mister Gordover chuckles, "oh--you, getting cold feet are you? Your big day is tomorrow. It is to be expected. You know what? You two kids have been so busy with tomorrow, I will let you have the day off. Take a break--relax. Make things easier."

Mister Gordover walks away.

"Okay... this is really weird..."

"You know--he was rather animate for an illusion...", Conscious said inquisitively.

"He was pulling something from Roy... these illusions appear to require some abilities from the person having them to be effective. Do not give anything for the illusion--and well, they cannot do anything", Id confirmed.

"So... what is tommorrow?" Roy looked around confused.

"Why--tomorrow is the day you have your crazy wedding to that delightfully mad Krystal girl." Ego appeared behind, in a rather well fitting, trimmed, green and purple tuxedo. Still with his make up on--but his hair was nice at least.

"I still have no idea why you made him the best man though.", Id looks over at Popo who was now not only in his pokeball but fully dressed up in a ornate tuxedo--befitting a rich businessman out of a steam punk fantasy. Complete with a tophat.

Conscience's face is replaced with Popo face, complete with the tophat, who simply says, "You suckas are sub animals, thats why."

Ego just nods, "see--you cannot argue with that genius!"

"Damn right, you cannot!" says Popo before disappearing from Conscience's face--leaving top hat.

Roy just looks forward blankly--the crowded theatre had emptied--the people had just vanished.

The End

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