Dragons: Hell: Exterminators of Vermin

Decembre 17th, 2009

Krystal started to feel somewhat more alert. She sensed for some reason--the world... well the real world had just got a large nudge back on track. No idea why. She gets off of Mewvander, and looks around. This was certain a form of ruined building. Her light display was having issues picking stuff up... but she was getting bio readings. She walks over to one.

It was a Skorupi. It was running around until it looks at Krystal, then scurries off. "Uh--there are Pokemon in this pocket dimension? Odd."

Mewvander alerted by this, turns his head, "what did you see?"

"Oh just a Skorupi. It was cute--in a rather vicious way."

Mewvander grabs Krystal by the wrist, appears to levitate Krystal, and starts moving down the corridors at high speeds, "just hope that with us both levitating it will be harder to track us down by scent."

Krystal was somewhat confused by this, "why are we worried about a small Skorupi that ran away?"

Mewvander still moving at a high pace, seeming to duck in and out of odd tunnels in a seemingly random manner, dragging Krystal with her, "in this reflection of time, there was a global war of sorts. Both powerful weapons and Pokemon where used. The effects caused much of life to not be able to continue to live. Forests still exist, as they appear to adapt to fallout.. but... only in ways out of cosmic horror movies. Humans only exist in these complexes. Most Pokemon, except for vermin Pokemon are dead."

Krystal flailing behind a running Mewvander, "and you are running from a small Skorupi?"

"Some were adapted and are controlled with cybernetic equipment. Making them reconnaissance units"

Mewvander, getting into a room and stopping, sending Krystal forward from inertia. Krystal seemed to be on the ground again. Looking around, there were dead weedle, dead aron, and dead venonats all over. There was some chemical on the floor and walls. Making it harder for Krystal to walk. Mewvander, bowing her head, "some are simply hunted down because people really do not like them. Usually chemically."

Krystal walks around looking at the dead Pokemon, "but--why?"

"Well, after the wars, these were all that survived, generally viewed largely as abhorrent. Aron, survived mostly as the only thing that could take the attacks. However, in a society that is controlled by its own technology, rouge aron going around eating important components gave issues. Venonats could not take the cybernetic enhancements. Generally people are told that these 'vermin' carry diseases--usually ones easy to cure."

Mewvander walks over, picks up a dead aron, and inspects it, "somehow them being spreaders of disease made them easier to hunt down for people. Most of these people are invaders in this world."

Mewvander shows the dead aron to Krystal, "the natives are the ones that get shafted."

Krystal looked at it, nearly crying behind her visor. She looks up at Mewvander, and smirks, "clearly we need to have Shaft target more deserving foes."

Mewvander giggles, "keep that sense of humour--you will die without it."

Krystal starts to smell something--just slightly odd, "do you smell that?"

Mewvander, levitates Krystal again, grabs her by the wrist and starts flying off in the other direction, resulting in Krystal flailing behind him, "in your time, there was a Pokemon that increased its numbers in pollution--we are heading in the opposite direction from an ocean of them that are hungry"

The End

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